Hiring Safe Movers To Handle The Heavy Lifting

Moving companies that consider themselves safe movers must have a lot of manpower and advanced equipment to transport one of these cabinets. With a standard dolly and appliance hand truck, as many as four workers may be needed to control its weight, which may as high as 1,000 pounds. These containers may also be six feet tall or larger, making it one of the most difficult things to maneuver. Minimizing damage and worker safety should be the primary considerations while placing the item in the home. The best way to do this is with sophisticated lifting technology.

Safe movers may use something as simple as a professional dolly, often referred to as a “Colson Dolly.” These are highly mobile dollies that can swivel, pivot and glide with minimal force. Colson Dolly wheels are extra wide and made of extremely durable materials that grip well. An inferior dolly may slide out from under the item when workers are shifting its weight around, but a Colson Dolly holds its position well. This dolly is usually paired with an appliance hand truck that is extra tall. This height gives it better control over the cabinet and comes with restraining straps. While this may be enough for smaller or lighter items, it is unlikely that a team of workers will be able to handle larger items with just a hand truck and standard dolly.

A professional moving company will typically opt for something that offers more precision and is less likely to cause damage to the owner’s home. These safe movers may bring a powered lift that multiplies a worker’s strength and secures the container well. There are many kinds of powered lifts, but they all operate like a small warehouse forklift. Powered lifts may be crank operated or fitted with motors that do the job. Either way, the device only takes one person to operate and can handle an item that is several hundred pounds in weight. The container will be placed on a pallet that the lift can slot into with its tines. This prevents damage to the cabinet and keeps it from shifting around while loaded.

The lift can access the back of a cargo or pickup truck, so the safe movers don’t have to lower the container to the ground. Once the cabinet is loaded, the device will slowly bring it to the ground using crank power or the motor. In this position, the lift looks like a hand cart, though it comes with a couple of special features that makes it easier to handle. These devices come with attachment slots where an extra set of wheels can be fitted to the device. Four wheels mean additional mobility, and once the container is strapped in, a single person can easily pull the load. If the worker needs to leverage the cabinet up stairs, a powered lift often features a set of automated climbing wheels that grip the edge of the step and pull the load up using a set of motorized gears.

Occasionally, the safe movers may need to remove the container from a high-rise apartment or condo. During these jobs, a crane or powered platform lift may be needed to bring it down safely.