Moving To Pearland TX

Many people are moving to Pearland Texas to take advantage of the city’s numerous offerings. So many people in fact, that the city was ranked as the 15th fastest growing in the entire country. Originally founded as a bountiful agricultural area, the city has tripled its population in the last decade alone, with many of these people coming from all over the world. Whether single or married, the city has something to offer everyone, both young and old.

Shopping and Entertainment In Pearland

Since Pearland has seen so much growth recently, one can expect all of the modern conveniences for shopping and entertainment. The staple supermarkets are scattered throughout town, while popular department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s can be found around the newly built Town Center. The city’s Flea-Market is a hot spot for both locals and tourists, hosting all sorts of thrift shops and food venues. Family-friendly cinemas are available, while those looking for a night out on the town can enjoy places such as BAKFISH Brewing Company and the appropriately named The Bar.

Employment and Jobs

Those moving to Pearland Texas for employment opportunities are also in luck, with many local establishments employing hundreds and even thousands of professionals. Many of the city’s stores are always looking for entry-level positions, while places such as Kelsey-Seybold Clinic and Davis-Lynch are perfect for professionals in search of career positions. NASA also employs many individuals in town, and the local Independent School District employs nearly 2,500 people as well.


Seven different school districts serve the city, giving families the luxury of choice when enrolling their children. There are also a number of private schools in the area, such as St. Helen Catholic School and The Montessori School of Downtown, a facility that serves children through the 5th grade. Moving to Pearland Texas is also ideal for those looking for higher education, with Alvin Community College, San Jacinto College and the University of Houston-Clear Lake all in town.

Parks and Recreation

For all of the growth the city has experienced, there are still many places to relax throughout town. The C.V. Coppinger Family YMCA Branch is located in town, as well as the local Natatorium and Recreational Center, a huge facility that provides all sorts of quality services for the community, such as parks and programs.


Moving to Pearland Texas is a great solution for those that need access to all of the major parts of Houston without the crowded metropolitan streets. State Highway 288 is a main artery to downtown Houston, while Beltway 8 is just minutes away. State Highway 35 is locally known as Main Street, as it runs through most of the city and it’s the main thoroughfare in town. Metro Park and Ride services the area, as well as Skyway Manor Airport, a privately owned airport.