What Services Can Long Distance Moving Companies Offer?

If you’ve been wondering what services long distance moving companies can offer, it’s important to understand the difference between moving from one neighborhood to another and moving hundreds or thousands of miles away. Moving far away can be stressful, which is why many homeowners delegate as many of the moving responsibilities as possible to a professional Houston moving company. This leaves homeowners free to focus on other things that matter, like preparing for the new life adventure ahead.

The Difference Between Local Only and Long Distance Moving Companies

Putting an entire household of furniture and personal belongings on a moving truck is a lot of work and causes stress for some. Thoughts begin running through their mind as they begin to wonder if they put enough bubble wrap around that glass figurine, or if that box they packed full of books is still holding together.

When a person is moving locally, the biggest concerns are having the items make it on the van safely across one highway and a couple of residential streets before it is time to unload them.

However, long distance moves generally involve multiple highway changes, residential roads, and possibly a quick stop or two to refuel. Comprehensively, this can increase the movement of items inside the van with full stops, accelerations, and decelerations. This is when the answers to those questions about the glass figurine and books become even more critical.

What Services Can Long Distance Moving Companies Offer?

When relocating to a new destination that is far away, it is critical to consider what services long distance moving companies offer. A further move can require the management of literally hundreds of details, from finding new schools to new banks to new doctors, and more. With so many things to balance at one time, it can be more important than ever to enlist the help of a professional moving company that offers services such as the following:

In-person moving quotes

Instead of haphazardly looking about your home and making an incorrect estimate regarding the number of boxes and pieces of furniture that will need to be moved, confirm that the long-distance moving company you choose does in-person estimates. These individuals are trained to tour a room and professionally estimate how many boxes or pieces of furniture will be moved. This provides a more accurate estimate which in turn can help keep a quote from going up dramatically at the last minute due to inaccuracy.


With the myriad of details an individual is balancing amidst a long-distance move, self-packing their belongings can be a significant inconvenience due to the amount of time it takes to round up packing supplies, decide what to pack, wrap up items to be packed, and label boxes appropriately. One way to be more time efficient is to have the moving company do the packing for you. With this service, the professional movers should take care of everything from bringing the supplies through to the last step of closing and labeling a box so it is ready to be loaded onto the moving truck.


The urge to explore and check out new surroundings after a long move is strong, so why fight it? Leave the unpacking to the same moving company who packed it all up. This prevents the unpacked boxes from feeling like they multiply the longer they sit unattended in a new home.

Safely transporting cumbersome or specialty items

This service is a must for those moving far away. Not all personal belongings will be easy to move or fit just right into a moving box. These items might include a priceless painting, a piano, a large safe, or pieces of home gym equipment. For belongings such as these, it is essential that the moving company have the proper packaging and moving equipment to facilitate a move safely into or from (or both) a two story or higher location that may or may not feature additional challenges such as tight spaces and narrow stairwells.

What to Look for in a Long-Distance Moving Company

Once it is established that a long-distance moving company has the services required, a little more vetting is advisable. In order to have more peace of mind about the move and every step along the way, it is highly recommended to also verify the following information for moving companies you are considering:

  • When it comes to long distance moves, it is necessary to find a company with plenty of experience with these types of moves versus those who have previously only moved a few blocks or a neighborhood over. The more years of experience a provider has, the better.
  • Current licensing and insurance. Moving companies must have standard licenses to operate both within the state and across state lines. Ensure that the provider you select has all the necessary licenses and that they are current. Also confirm that the company is insured to better protect the items being moved.
  • Proper truck maintenance. When hundreds or thousands of miles are going to be logged by a moving truck, it helps to know that the vehicle has been properly maintained. Ask what standards the provider uses for regular truck maintenance and how often it is performed.
  • Average damage rate. While it would be ideal for nothing to ever be damaged in a move, it can happen from time to time. For this reason, verify a moving company’s average damage rate. If zero percent seems too good to be true, it might be because it is. It can be more doable to look for closer to a one percent damage rate.
  • Good communication. Long distances can require multiple stops for refueling as well as other reasons. With you being separated from your belongings during the move, it is key to check that the company will be in regular communication with you about their progress.

Learning what services long distance moving companies offer is a critical part of moving. The amount of preparation and due diligence you put into finding the most competent, trustworthy, and professional movers will likely yield what you put into it. Moving does not have to be hard if you hire a professional Houston moving company that knows how to move smart.