What Are The Risks Of Hiring Discount Movers?

It may seem like a good idea to go with discount movers when moving to another city, but there are often several hidden costs when choosing this option. Established and reputable professionals may cost a little more than an inexperienced group of workers, but they tend to make up for it by being more efficient. They can offer a greater range of services and will be better equipped to handle unique items or working environments. With this additional expertise, experienced professionals may end up costing less than other companies.

Discount movers are usually either non-licensed amateurs with a truck, or new businesses trying to gain experience in the area. Amateurs are dangerous to deal with, because a homeowner may have to rely on their word when it comes to securing items and getting to the destination safely. Many homeowners who choose these workers end up losing belongings or getting them back damaged. Because amateurs typically don’t use contracts, there is no way for a homeowner to recoup losses. This is exacerbated by the fact that amateurs aren’t trained to load items safely. Professionals who have spent time in the industry know how to avoid damaging things, which will pay off in the end. The reduced financial cost of hiring nonprofessionals is usually offset by damages, and the emotional cost can be even worse.

These workers may or may not charge by the hour, but those who do are likely to ratchet up a higher bill. Efficiency is the most important way to reduce costs, and discount movers tend to be less skilled and less driven to get the job done quickly. The extra hours these workers use will cost more and will make it harder for a homeowner to get settled in at his or her new home. Professional moving services know that they are on the clock and have a plan of attack as soon as they arrive. Many customers are surprised when they see how fast a trained group of workers can move. This professional attitude keeps cost to a minimum and helps the homeowner transition quickly.

While fraud is not a major problem in the industry, discount movers are more likely to commit it. Homeowners should be extremely cautious when dealing with workers who have an unmarked truck, because this likely means it is rented. Once everything is loaded on this truck, the homeowner is at the workers’ mercy. Most of the time, this isn’t an issue, but not always. There have been many cases of people having to pay extra or spend a lot of effort to tracking down thieves. Whatever the result, it is likely going to cost more than just hiring professionals in the first place.

Some discount movers may just be inexperienced operations looking to grab customers in the area. While these companies can typically be trusted, their inexperience means they are more likely to commit costly mistakes. The financial impact may be offset if they are insured, but if an antique or treasured keepsake is damaged, it will be difficult to replace. Overall, the more experience a business has, the quicker it will be able to work and the more versatile it will be. Both of these will lower the price of the move.