How To Prepare For Moving Estimates In A Home

At the top of almost every moving to do list is finding an experienced and reputable moving company. Often the biggest success indicator for finding the right mover can be finding quality work for an affordable estimate. What most people do not realize is that knowing how to prepare for moving estimates in a home can result in a more accurate quote and a more organized process.

Types of Moving Estimates

The method used in providing a moving estimate is equally as important as the quote itself. There are three main mediums used by companies to generate a moving estimate, but each is based on the precision of the person performing inventory:

Phone Moving Estimate

If an estimate is provided over the phone, a representative from the moving company will likely inquire about the number of boxes, pieces of furniture, and other items that will need to be moved. One of the primary drawbacks of doing this process by phone is that the movers cannot see the items in the home and will need the customer to provide them specific information about the dimensions of every box and piece of furniture in order for it to be a precise quote.

Online Moving Estimate

If seeking to acquire a quote online, the customer is again generally responsible for detailing how many boxes, items, and pieces of furniture will need to be moved, along with the exact dimensions of each. Unfortunately, getting a moving estimate online does not always allow for the back and forth of questions and answers, and that can lead to a grossly inaccurate estimate.

On-site Moving Estimate

Of the three, an on-site moving estimate in a home is typically considered the best way to go. This delegates much of the measurement and weight intake of boxes and furniture to the moving company itself, and with a first-hand view of exactly what items need to be moved, these quotes tend to be the most comprehensive and on point.

How to Prepare for Moving Estimates in a Home

Getting moving estimates in a home may seem like an open and shut case, but there are numerous details to consider. Movers must consider a wide range of factors before they can give a client a truly accurate quote. However, for individuals wondering how to prepare for moving estimates in a home, there are some specific steps you can take to make the process more efficient, including:

Clearly convey your expectations. Moving services can come in a number of different packages that may include packing, transporting, unloading, and even setting up. Be clear with the movers about exactly which services you want their help with. Also ask about specials that may be offered for moving packages that include more than one service.

Be able to articulate the starting point and ending point of the move. Most people tend to focus on the number of items that need to be moved, and while that is critical, it matters how far the items will need to go in terms of distance. Have the exact address of the final destination ready, along with any special instructions.

Share how many rooms, including bathrooms, are in the house that will need to be emptied and moved. This can help movers who have certain formulas for calculating the right amount of room needed for the moving truck.

Be ready to point out items that are particularly fragile or heavy that will likely need extra care. This may include a box of collectable figures, a glass curio cabinet, a safe, or even a grand piano. These are important to note because the movers will likely need to take extra precautions and have special equipment to handle and move them safely.

Be willing to take on some responsibility. Particularly if an individual has a sentimental or precious item that they are concerned about, if it is small enough it may be better transported by the customer themselves for more peace of mind. If there are items that will be personally handled or moved, let the movers know so those items are not included in the quote.

Final Considerations for Preparing for Moving Estimates in a Home

Following the above tips and suggestions can be instrumental in making preparing for moving estimates an easier process, however, there is one more consideration to be aware of.

Even though a representative from the moving company and a resident can go room by room, box by box, and piece of furniture by piece of furniture, miscommunication can happen. For this reason, it is recommended that a resident carefully review the details of the mover’s final paperwork and inventory to ensure it is comprehensive and nothing is accidentally left off.

When it comes to how to prepare for moving estimates in a home, an individual’s biggest asset is a high-quality and reputable moving company with years of experience and excellent customer service.