Finding A Mover When Moving To Houston TX

Why are so many people moving to Houston TX these days? As the largest city in Texas and a powerhouse in the oil and gas industry, the Bayou City sports one of the best economies in the nation. Multiple publications, including Forbes, consider it to be the next World City in the U.S., largely due to its booming economy, developing culture and ability to attract some of the best minds in the country. Several companies have caught on to this and are positioning their headquarters in the area. Among these companies are Phillips 66 and ExxonMobil. And with such an excellent economy buoying the city, there are also a number of high-quality schools for families in the area as well. So it’s no surprise that Houston movers are plentiful however you do need to navigate thru the sea of moving companies to find the best one suited for your move.

What should a family look for in a moving company before moving to Houston TX?

Moving to a new city is a major undertaking, especially when traveling long distances to reach your destination. A family can’t afford to wait on a company that is late, and can’t afford to trust their belongings to a company that isn’t honest or careful. It’s, for this reason, important for a family to thoroughly check out any moving company before they settle on a carrier.

A reputable moving service will have a strong history of positive customer reviews online, as well as recognition from the Better Business Bureau and a lot of experience in the area they service. In general, homeowners should avoid any business that gives off an unprofessional air, as this will likely translate to their quality of service. If they are bad at returning calls, rude or unprepared in communication and unwilling to formalize agreements in writing, a homeowner should steer clear.

Why is JTMelia Movers a top choice for people moving to Houston TX?

Though JTMelia has worked in the Bayou City area for more than 40 years, its crews have experience around the world. They have handled extremely complex commercial, interstate and international moves, so its professionals are ready for nearly any scenario. This experience will pay off in major dividends for a homeowner, as JTMelia knows how to adjust as the move develops. They will also clearly communicate all stipulations and fees associated with the move, setting everything down in legally enforceable contracts. This should offer peace of mind to all of their clients.

What services can JTMelia offer to facilitate an efficient move?

In addition to moving a family’s belongings, they can help a family pack their belongings, using safe packing methods, load, unload and unpack everything at the new property. JTMelia also has experience moving particularly heavy and bulky items, so its crews can provide support in handling something like a piano or safe. In short, there is no moving situation that JTMelia can’t excel at.