Where To Start Searching For Houston Moving Services

There are plenty of Houston area moving services, but if a homeowner wants a low-stress move that is done on time, they will need to spend a little time reviewing their options. Not all companies can provide consistent work, as they may be too young or too small. Younger companies are often managed by people with little experience in the field, so they may have trouble organizing the company’s logistics going into a move. Knowledgeable people may handle a smaller company, but they may not have the manpower to handle more involved moves. This comes into play when moving a business, larger home or when trying to transport extremely heavy items like a statue.

What’s the best way for a homeowner to look for Houston area moving services?

The internet is always a good source and should be considered the first stop when searching for a company. Numerous review sites can provide an initial impression of moving businesses, and a homeowner can narrow down their choices quite a bit this way.

A homeowner can also learn a lot when consulting with their real estate agent, because these professionals often work with moving companies. A real estate agency may be able to give a homeowner a better idea of how the business performs and whether or not its fees are fair.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are important oversight agencies that homeowners can rely on as well. The BBB monitors consumer complaints and rates Houston area moving services based on these complaints and their resolution. The BBB’s ratings range from F to A+ and it takes a near spotless record to maintain an A+ rating over multiple years. The FMCSA is even tougher, as it provides an in-depth look into any motor carrier. To gain access to the FMCSA’s database, a homeowner needs to attain a moving business’s Department of Transportation (DoT) number. A homeowner can get a company’s DoT number during an estimate, as a reputable business will have no problem providing it. With it, a homeowner can check how long a company has been in business, how many trucks they have, what insurance they have, any infractions they’ve recently had and what certifications they have. This information will be crucial to picking the right business.

Once a homeowner has thoroughly vetted a few companies, they can focus on things like which services each business offers, what the terms of the move will be and who provides the best customer support. This should be enough for a homeowner to get the movers they need.