The Process Of Finding Trusted Moving Services In Houston

There are so many moving services in the Houston area that a homeowner may feel like they have an endless number of options. But even though there are hundreds of crews in the city, most of them can’t provide the level of service that JT Melia can. Some businesses are too young and inexperienced to perform well when out of their comfort zone. Poor logistics and practices plague some businesses. Some crews just can’t be trusted and are ready to take advantage of a homeowner. It’s up to a homeowner to spot these companies ahead of time and ensure they avoid them. That may sound like a tough task, but there are some simple methods available to a homeowner that can show which services are reputable and trustworthy.

How should a homeowner go about finding the best moving services in Houston?

Customer reviews are not perfect, but they can provide valuable insight into a business if there are enough of them to look through. If a positive or negative trend is established over many reviews, it’s probably worth considering, especially if reviews bring up the same points again and again. For example, homeowners expect moving crews to arrive punctually and to use their time efficiently. If customer reviews are all pointing out how the truck and workers arrived late or spent a lot of time standing around, it’s something to be cautious of.

But these reviews can only offer a surface level picture of the company, and sometimes there isn’t enough customer feedback to make a thoughtful decision. At this point, a homeowner may have to speak to friends and local real estate agencies to get suggestions on trustworthy crews. Moving services in Houston often work with real estate agencies to set up show homes, so they will likely know which businesses can be trusted. Once a homeowner has some leads, they should set up some in-home estimates with each of the companies they are considering.

In-home estimates are free and give a homeowner a chance to interact with company representatives. This is the perfect time to ask questions and to review any paperwork the company provides its clients. One of the things a homeowner should seek out when talking to each representative is their Department of Transportation license number, which is required to legally perform moves in the country. This number can be used on the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) website to review any moving services in the Houston area and beyond.

Some of the information the FMCSA keeps includes the size of the company’s fleet, the moves they are certified in, how many accidents or infractions they have been involved with in recent years, and what insurance they maintain.

If everything checks out here, chances are the company can be trusted. But it is still a good idea to visit the businesses offices and get a feel for how they handle their business.