The Process Of Hiring Movers

The process of hiring movers is a much less daunting task when the customer understands the necessary questions to ask. Some companies are not always out for the customer’s best interest.  Horror stories are told of these businesses and their practices. However, this can be easily avoided if one knows how to distinguish them from legitimate companies. While hiring movers, the customer would want to compare several companies against each other. The customer should call and interview them over the phone. This process will assist in cutting the list down to a few prospects. Afterwards, visiting the building site of the company will help weed out any false businesses. A great time saving technique would be to inquire for a list of references.

Customers can phone the company prior to visiting their offices. If the company will not meet the customer’s needs via phone, there is no reason to go to the physical location. While on the phone, the customer should ask about prices for hiring movers. The prospect can often learn about rates and any specials that may apply. The company should also freely give insurance information. They should include any deductibles, as well as conditions in which the coverage is affected. The customer may be interested in learning about the procedures the workers follow when handling materials, unloading and delivery. The business should have equipment for heavier lifting, as well as a method of packing away fragile possessions. The staff qualifications will give the client an overall picture of who will be handling their belongings. Before ending the call, a final inquiry should be made in regards to the general company policies.

The customer should ask for a list of previous customers in order to guarantee information on their past performances. Most businesses will happily hand over a list of satisfied customers. Most clients should ask for at least five people on this list. At least one reference should date back three years. This information will show their satisfactory service over the years. It will also confirm that the company has been in business for at least three years without a problem. More well-known businesses are more likely to be reputable. When hiring movers, one always wants to guarantee the responsibility of the company.

Once the list of companies has been shortened, the client should visit the facilities. This trip isn’t only to inspect the building conditions, vehicles and staff, but to talk to the company representatives. While communicating their needs to the business, the client should ask for their USDOT number. This number means they are registered with the FMCSA, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, businesses that only transport inside the state may not be registered. They should always, however, be signed on with the Better Business Bureau. Some companies subcontract, which means they delegate jobs to smaller businesses. If the company does this, they should have the business name available and the same important facts should be confirmed. Additional fees and transfers should be openly discussed between the client and the business.

Hiring movers should be accomplished ahead of time. This should be done long before the actual moving date to avoid any issues.