Local Houston Mover – JT Melia Beats Competition.

When choosing among the hundreds of local Houston movers JT Melia Moving and Storage is certainly at the top of the list. With over 40 years of experience, an intimate knowledge of the Houston area, and a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, the quality of their service is unparalleled. In fact, JT Melia has been around so long and has touched every area of this Texas community that they have actually influenced other moving companies to match their service and level of professionalism.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different movers within the Houston area. JT Melia is on the top of the list of everything you would look for in a mover. Their packing services are the best money can buy. Their experienced staff takes the time to handle your items and wrap and package them to prevent damage during the move.  They have all the necessary items for moving such as boxes, tape, specialty packing for dishes and fine china. With their experience, they can construct packaging to custom fit your needs.

When arriving at your new location JT Melia will gladly unpack all of your items and help place them in the area you want.  This is very important if you have heavy furniture or maybe even a piano.  They can take care of the placement of these items so you don’t have to hire someone later to come and move it.

While JT Melia specializes with moving within the local area, they are not limited to it. They will move you anywhere in the United States and most of the world. They ship from Houston to other countries in Europe, Australia, and Asia.  Not many other local Houston movers can provide this service to the degree that they can. International moves require much greater challenges than a domestic one considering the need for passports, export documentation, ocean or air freight coordination, and the list goes on.

If you aren’t able to move into your new location right away or just need to store some items for a while, JT Melia also offers storage services that many other moving companies can’t.  They will place your items in a sealed pallet vault to protect from damage, dust or loss.  Your items can stay in storage for as long as necessary while you wait for your new home or office to get ready for you.

JT Melia tops the list of local Houston movers. They will handle any size job, residential to commercial moves, from a domestic move to an international move. Years of experience and a dedicated staff will ensure your job is done right and their BBB A + rating shines through.