Three Brothers Moving or JT Melia Moving

Three Brothers Moving and Johnnie T Melia moving and storage are among some of the most respected relocation companies in the Houston area, and this prestige is something important to consider when choosing a company to work with. The two services have more similarities than differences, and both can handle residential and commercial jobs alike. What sets JT Melia apart, though, is its ability to complete interstate and international relocations, both of which require advanced logistics and deep industry knowledge. Also, JT Melia can provide special services to clients in need of a discreet or particularly challenging relocation.

What services do Three Brothers Moving and JT Melia offer?

Both companies can provide assistance in any residential relocation and can even help a business transition their office equipment to a new location. Finding a reliable company to handle commercial relocations can be tough, as it requires a great deal of manpower and equipment to pull off correctly. When relocating a business, a company also has to transport data as well as material, and if it is not readily accessible and well-organized at the new location, it can create a lot of needless downtime.

Of course, not everyone has the time or ability to pack a household full of goods, and this is an area JT Melia can help out with as well. In fact, Melia’s crews can assist with packing, unpacking, driving and loading. And in some cases, they can also help with setting up furniture and other equipment in the new location.

Both JT Melia and Three Brothers Moving are able to provide more complicated relocation services, including long distance and interstate jobs. Most local relocation services can’t go much further than the city limits, and it takes a lot of time and experience to learn how to handle longer distance jobs. It requires responsible employees, safe drivers, efficient loading and travel methods, and strong communication between management and workers. For most younger and smaller outfits, it is impossible to maintain this level of performance, so it is a mark of ability to be able to oversee these moves.

JT Melia stands out even more because its crews can manage international relocations. In fact, they have helped clients settle into a number of countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Vietnam. Performing international relocations requires extensive knowledge of the country’s customs, as a single mistake can mean a delay of several weeks.

And while Three Brothers Moving can assist in a variety of relocation scenarios, JT Melia is known for its VIP service, helping out clients who need to be as discreet as possible. VIP relocations often involve high-value material handling, and this typically requires special equipment to handle properly. JT Melia has VIP relocations down, and can get an important client out of their old home without drawing any attention.

Both companies have been around for decades, which is the sign of a business that knows what it is doing. A homeowner can’t really go wrong with either if they are looking for professionalism and excellent customer service.