Searching For Trusted Professional Apartment Movers In Houston

Where can people search for trusted professional apartment movers in Houston?

Reputable Houston apartment movers can be found and researched online, so consumers don’t have to call or drive around to find the mover they need. Online review sites are a common first stop, but the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) can help people locate trusted movers faster. AMSA is the moving industry’s primary trade organization, and its ProMovers list contains hundreds of vetted, verified professional movers. This includes trusted professional apartment movers in Houston.

Why should people search for trusted professionals before a move?

Every year, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives close to 10,000 complaints related to the moving industry. Most of those complaints are directed at moving services lacking in professionalism or experience, so it’s important to look for both in a Houston apartment mover.

What does a trusted professional offer that an inexperienced mover can’t?


Most families are on a strict timeline when moving. Whether moving for a new job, a new school, or just new surroundings, choosing a trustworthy moving company means less worry and stress.

An experienced Houston apartment mover will have a larger fleet of trucks and extra manpower on hand. Trustworthy apartment movers don’t overcommit their resources, so they show up on time and with the tools they need.


The typical residential move costs around $3,000 and, depending on how far the move will take you, you could be working with a professional for several days or weeks. Ideally, you would have a mover that makes it clear where your money and time is being spent.

A trustworthy apartment mover does this by being as clear as possible about what the moving process entails. Is there an easy-to-understand fee schedule for everything? Does the estimate make sense? Is there someone you can contact for further assistance? These are the extra degrees of professionalism that a trusted Houston apartment mover will offer their clients.


A reputable apartment mover has earned trust by handling their clients’ belongings with care. A professional apartment mover has the equipment, processes and training in place to minimize the likelihood of damage occurring.

This is especially important if you have fragile or valuable items to transport.

What services do professional Houston apartment movers offer?

Trusted moving companies can do more than just move. In fact, one of the most telling signs that you’re working with a reputable professional is their willingness to provide a full service move, along with specialty moving services. What does that include?


For many families, packing is the most tedious, exhausting part of the move. That’s why full service apartment movers are willing to pack for their clients. If packing is needed, the movers can provide the packing materials and labor. The moving crew will also pack everything according to the client’s needs.

Furniture assembly and disassembly

Reputable movers can also disassemble and reassemble furniture, including beds and desks. This is ideal for people who are physically limited or don’t have the time to break everything down.

Loading and unloading

All professional moves come with loading and unloading services. During loading and unloading, the moving crew will prioritize safety and care, and if some of your belonging are going to storage, the movers will ensure they are easily accessed out of the truck.


A reputable mover can transport their clients’ belongings via truck, ship or plane. If it’s an international move, the professionals can use a combination of land, sea and air transport to get everything to the new home.

Fragile item handling

Some items, like artwork, a piano, a grandfather clock or a pool table require special care to transport safely. This typically means additional manpower and equipment will be needed, which won’t be a problem for a trusted apartment mover.

Can professional apartment movers help with high rise moving?

Reputable apartment movers are familiar with a variety of apartment settings, including high rise buildings. High rises may pose a couple extra challenges, but these can be overcome by planning ahead.

For example, there may be little parking available at a high rise. There may be restricted areas, too, and moving things out of a high rise means efficient use of elevators and stairs. If there’s something extremely large or heavy that needs to be moved, it may require a crane.

Trusted apartment movers are experienced in resolving these issues ahead of time, so they don’t cause setbacks on moving day.

Do trusted Houston movers require customers to sign paperwork?

Professional Houston apartment movers do require their clients to sign a moving contract to formalize an agreement. This protects the client and the movers, and also ensures everything is done transparently and in observance of state and federal regulations.

The AMSA recommends that consumers review any paperwork, particularly the bill of lading and any fee schedule. Here’s why you need to look closely at both:

Fee schedule

The fee schedule lists all charges relevant to the move, and it should be easy for anyone to read. If there are any fees you don’t recognize, inquire about them and note the mover’s response. They should be able to explain it clearly. Fees may include charges for moving challenging items or navigating difficult work settings, but you may be able to avoid these fees with advanced planning.

For example, if you can arrange to move your fragile valuables separately, this may reduce the cost of the move.

Bill of lading

The bill of lading is the most important piece of paperwork that you’ll sign prior to the move. It lists the major terms of the moving contract and includes the mover’s address, the client’s address, the weight of everything to be moved and specifics on what is on the moving truck. The bill of lading also acts as the receipt for all cargo and as a document that reinforces the client’s title to their belongings.

In short, a bill of lading makes the move official, so it’s the document that ensures the apartment mover is accountable for the move’s execution.

Will a reputable professional apartment mover charge a deposit?

There isn’t a consistent, agreed-upon approach when it comes to a moving deposit. In general, trusted Houston apartment movers won’t charge a deposit to move with them, but this is not always the case. Some professionals may ask for a deposit if it’s during the busy moving season or if the move is long distance, but regardless of the reason, it’s always a good idea for clients to ask why a deposit is needed. There should be an understandable reason for one, because some scammers use moving deposits to make money upfront and then never show up to do the job.

So yes, a reputable apartment mover may charge a moving deposit, but there should be an explanation behind it, and it should be reasonable.

What is a reasonable deposit for a professional apartment mover?

You shouldn’t expect to pay more than a $500 deposit to secure your moving date and time. In most cases, the deposit will be less, and may be as little as $100. It depends on the move’s specifics regarding date, time and distance, so there’s room for subjectivity.

Searching for trusted Houston apartment movers doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With the help of organizations like the BBB and AMSA, you can locate an apartment mover that’s reputable, experienced and based out of the Houston area.