FAQ: Choosing Apt Movers In Houston

What should a person look for when choosing apt movers in Houston?

Transitioning into or out of an apartment can be tricky at times. This is why it is best to select a company with years of experience like JT Melia Moving and Storage. JT Melia has over four decades of experience and has earned a phenomenal reputation in the Houston area. Known as The Movers That Care, they do so by employing professionals at all points of business and go to great lengths to ensure that their crews are current in proper packing methods and transporting techniques. They pride themselves on getting the job done, and on time. They are also well-versed in all aspects of moving, including being trusted apt movers in Houston.

What are some of the special considerations apt movers in Houston need to take into account?

The list isn’t long but includes what floor the unit is on, if it is only accessible by stairs, how big the unit is, and the width of the hallways or stairwells. Another consideration is if any bulky or oversized items are being transported. How accessible is the unit? Can the carrier park its vehicle nearby or is the parking restricted? These are all things that the representative will review when they come to do an onsite assessment. These are also things that can make the cost of the move fluctuate.

How do reputable apt movers handle obstacles with Houston apartments?

The crew will employ various tactics to get the belongings out of the unit and onto the truck. JT Melia’s crew has ample experience in doing so. It may mean a few more crew members are onsite, particular dollies or hand trucks are used, and maybe even moving harnesses cranes will be needed, depending on the circumstances and the size of the furnishings. Narrow stairway or hallway? The crew will disassemble as much as they can, and box and label the items. They may even opt to use the crane if something cannot be disassembled or is too bulky or heavy. They will also wrap many of the furniture items before leaving the unit. This will ensure no harm will come to the piece as they maneuver tight corners.

Anything else someone should know when choosing apt movers in Houston?

Take the time to find the right one. Do research on the internet, look at customer reviews, and look the carrier up on the Better Business Bureau website. Even the best carriers run into issues from time to time, but it is how they handle those issues that makes all the difference. Also, make sure that they are registered with the state of Texas and have TxDOT certification and a USDOT number. Using the carrier’s operating address along with those two numbers on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website can guarantee that the carrier under consideration is legitimate. JT Melia is one such carrier that meets the certification and licensing necessary to operate within the state. This along with their stellar reputation makes them the carrier of choice.