What Can A Houston Apartment Mover Provide For A Move

Finding the right Houston apartment mover can be made easier by understanding what the client and the company is responsible for. This is made even simpler by knowing the most professional companies offer their full services to apartment moves.

Even when using a full service Houston apartment mover, there are several steps to the move only the client can complete. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to choose a reliable company registered with the State Consumer Protection office, Better Business Bureau, and that are members of the Southwest Movers Association. The company should also be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Association and partnered with National Van lines for interstate and international moves. The U.S. Dot and TX DMV registration numbers need to be given up front as well.

The Houston apartment mover will be responsible for providing free, on-site, written, and guaranteed pricing estimates. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep diligent, clear, and open communication to ensure the estimates accuracy. The client needs to provide the moving company with as many details about stair wells, distance to the apartment, and the size of elevators and doorways as possible. The greatest challenges faced by transport companies are access to the home, parking approval, and restrictions on elevator usage. The client should also insist that a consultant visit both the current and future complexes.

The client may need to approve the Houston apartment mover they use with management at the complex. The company’s proof of insurance may have to be provided to be approved by management. The client will also need an active insurance policy for the move. Both complexes may require paperwork with specific dates, times, and locations for parking. All leasing contracts must be finalized, and should be kept with detailed copies of the service list, schedule, receipts, and the moving contract. The moving contract must also be presented to both complexes management.

The best place to learn how to help prepare for the move is to talk with the consultant. They are available at any time to provide detailed answers, make a list of supplies, create a custom organization system, and provide any necessary packing materials. One way the client can greatly help is by disassembling or disconnecting items such as large computer desks or washers and dryers. It also helps if the client has the proper tools ready for the transport company just in case a specialized, non-standard tool is required for disassembly. Another way for the client to help the transport service is by taking out all breakables and clothes, and securely taping closed the doors of dressers and wardrobes. However, one of the best ways for a client to offer their assistance is by remaining at both the old and new complex for every step of the move. This way, if any valuable items or family heirlooms need to be packed, the client can oversee the company to ensure these items are packed to the client’s standards. Keeping in mind these responsibilities in combination with the right Houston apartment mover, any move can become an inexpensive and almost effortless affair.