Finding The Right Katy Movers For Your Move

West Houston has long been a growing part of the city, which is why movers in Katy are extremely active in the area. Just a couple decades ago, this small town had a true suburb feeling and a rural heart. Since the early 1990s, though, it has exploded with growth, expanding nearly as fast as people can settle in the area. The expansion of the Grand Parkway promises another swell of growth, as it will soon represent an informal urban boundary for Houston. With so many people moving to Katy, TX it is best to hire a company that knows its way around the town. JT Melia Moving Company can provide this expertise, having facilitated hundreds of moves within this popular suburb.

What should a homeowner look for in Katy movers?

When considering a moving company, it’s absolutely necessary to contract a crew that is licensed, insured and certified to handle residential jobs. It may be tempting to bring a few friends over to help, or some guy you know with a truck, but this is asking for trouble. If something breaks or gets lost along the way, a homeowner has no way of getting reimbursed for the lost or damaged belongings. Even worse, if a homeowner chooses a group of guys who aren’t licensed, they could lose everything if the crew decides to just drive off with the loaded truck. In most cases, the police won’t be much help if this occurs, and homeowners lose thousands of dollars this way every year.

Katy is large enough that an experienced moving company with familiarity in the area is needed to navigate the area effectively. It now reaches out to as far north as Highway 290 in some areas and as far south as Highway 59, encompassing a much larger area than just the official town center. Without knowledge of the town, a driver can easily get lost, delaying arrival by several hours or pushing the move back a day or more. For people in a time crunch, any delay is unacceptable.

Why have so many people decided to move out to west Houston?

Katy movers are as busy as ever, as the area is still under heavy development. In the 1990s, there was an exodus of families moving to the town, as its schools were regularly hailed as some of the best in Houston. This, along with affordable housing and an escape from the urban sprawl inspired many young families to plant roots in Katy. Now, it is seen as a budding rival to the communities of north Houston and is developing strong commercial properties of its own.