What Services Can Reputable Katy, TX Movers Offer Clients?

Katy, TX movers can make the transition to the charming town an easy one, and every year, hundreds of families are taking advantage of these services. As one of the largest and fastest growing suburbs outside the Houston area, it offers a perfect mix of rural and urban, allowing people easy access into the city without having to deal with the noise and bustle of Houston itself. And the town offers a number of comforts and amenities itself, which is why affluent neighborhoods are starting to pop up inside its borders. Like The Woodlands to the north of the city, this hamlet is gathering its own identity, and drawing people to it for its own merits. And a reputable moving company can help a family get started the right way.

What services do Katy, TX area movers offer?

Most moving companies in Katy that work in the area are based out of Houston, and serve the greater Houston area. In general, the companies that have this kind of reach in the region are companies that have access to greater manpower and equipment. It is, after all, difficult for a small, inexperienced service to travel many miles outside the city, and do it safely and efficiently. That’s why a homeowner should always consider a company that has experience and a run of positive customer feedback.

Packing & Unpacking Services

And experienced, reputable Houston mover can also provide a superior range of services in the Katy area. In addition to driving everything to the new home, the best Katy, TX area movers also offer packing services as well as unpacking services meaning they will pack everything into sturdy, reliable boxes, carry everything into the truck, unload the truck at the new location, and unpack everything for the family. If need be, the crew can even help erect furniture for the family, which will save a lot of time and effort, not to mention a back or two.

Safe & Piano Moving

If something a bit beyond the norm is needed, a reputable company can help with that too. For example, a lot of families have something especially large and bulky, like a safe, a piano, or a sculpture. Given their high value and fragility, it’s not enough to just get enough guys to pick it up and set it in the truck. When it comes to something like moving a safe or moving a piano doing so without proper equipment can be dangerous, both to the crew and the home. That’s why experienced companies know to bring powered lifts, cranes, or special dollies, depending on where the item is located in the home. These items require special care once loaded, as well, which may necessitate an extra truck. With so many needed extra resources, only a few moving services can handle the task.

Elite moving companies can help families transition to the area from long distances, even internationally if needed. Such moves are usually highly complex, so any mistake can result in lost belongings or a delay in settling in. In other words, it is always better to go with an established moving company, no matter the scope of the job.