Finding Houston Movers Other Than 3 Men In A Truck

Ever used the moving service 3 Men in a Truck? Were you satisfied with your service, but wonder if there is perhaps a better company out there that may be able to accommodate your needs more adequately? When it comes to moving belongings, the utmost care and consideration are appreciated by any number of customers, and finding a provider that can accommodate all these needs can be a daunting endeavor. With JT Melia, there is no guess work involved. The work is done at a swifter pace, and the overall experience is more satisfying than most companies in the Houston area.

What makes JT Melia different from 3 Men in a Truck or other movers in the Houston area? First and foremost, it is the impeccable customer service. Being a local, family owned business this company has employed honest workers for over fifty years. This ensures that their number one priority is hiring those individuals who will take the extra time to make a customer happy and to see that all of their needs are met. Customer ratings have stated that each member of the moving company was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire moving process. Ratings for the local competition were not as stellar. Although each job was completed, a few customers stated that customer service did not seem to be the top priority.

Equipment, packing supplies, tape, boxes, etc. are all important tools when it comes to moving from one location to another. Faulty boxes, cheap tape, and badly packed trucks can lead to priceless items being broken upon delivery. JT Melia’s company ensures that breaking of items is a thing of the past. Boxes, tape, and packing materials are delivered onsite so each item can be packed and protected with care. If there is an odd shaped item, they will create a custom box, so no customer has to worry about cracks, chips, or damage occurring during the move. 3 Men in a Truck offers the same material, i.e. boxes, tape, and packing materials delivered to the site, however custom boxes were not on their equipment list. Also, some complaints have been made about the ability to correctly load and pack the moving trucks. Some items have been damaged along the move because of poor packing, such as furniture having tears in fabric and broken legs of tables. Each item was delivered to its destination but some items were in worse shape than when it began.

For movers in the Houston area, there are many impeccable companies to choose from. Each business will do its best to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their move and that everything arrives at its new destination. JT Melia has decades of experience and customer satisfaction to make them the mover of choice for your next move.