Why JT Melia Is One Of The Top Houston Moving Companies

One of the best Houston area moving companies is Johnnie T. Melia Moving and Storage (JT Melia). Their high quality service and professionalism sets them apart from all of the other options in the area. JT Melia is a family-owned establishment that was founded in 1969. Unlike some Houston moving companies, JT Melia is not limited to local moves. They will help people move to anywhere in the state, country or world. Due to its partnership with fellow business National Van Lines Inc., its services are expanded to all parts of Texas and beyond. Their workers’ many years of experience are a strong asset to their customers, helping them fill out documents and take care of other technical details beforehand.

Another advantage to hiring JT Melia is their unlimited services. No task is too difficult for the workers; they will transfer objects of all sizes from any floor with lifting cranes. They are also willing to pack up all the customer’s belongings by using custom boxes and sturdy materials that give the maximum amount of protection. If some things are not moved right away, JT Melia has ample space to store them for as long as needed. An inventory is taken before and after delivery to make sure that everything arrives in top condition. Any damages will be recorded and recompensed to the owner.

If customers want to take care of their own belongings, JT Melia will still go the extra mile to help. People can buy packing supplies from the business. This is a better option than getting them from a regular store because generic boxes are not always superior in quality, let alone available in any size. If an object does not fit in a regular box, JT Melia can create one upon request. Even non-customers can benefit from the business’s expertise on moving and packing by reading the free advice posted on the website.

Overall, JT Melia’s ability to put the customer first has resulted in top user ratings among the other Houston moving companies. For more information and options, visit the website or contact their experts for a free consultation.