Choosing JT Melia Moving As Your Local Mover In Houston TX

Moving creates much stress for individuals and families which highlight the importance of finding the right mover. Houston, TX, is a city that continues to grow and develop, and as such, creates the need for a moving company. With over 40 years of experience, the JT Melia Moving & Storage Company can help minimize the stress of moving while maximizing their customer’s experience through reliability, quality service and competitive pricing.

Why is JT Melia the mover in Houston, TX to use on your next transfer?

One of the hurdles in finding a great carrier is the issue of unlicensed impostors who often advertise on the internet and falsely claim to be authorized to provide the services of a mover. Houston, TX, has strict laws against such fraudulent groups and requires carriers to register with their active TXDMV certification numbers, which can be also be checked online for easy reference. In addition to an active TXDMV number, JT Melia is also certified as a ProMover by American Moving & Storage Association. The company is an accredited BBB business and provides local, long distance and international moving services, as well as storage facilities.

What is their track record and their philosophy when it comes to moving you from point A to point B?

One of the most frequent issues people have about their carrier is the overcharging and addition of unexpected miscellaneous fees. JT Melia has a culture of being very client-oriented and transparent. Their website offers readers guidelines on how to choose a good carrier and other helpful tips, regardless of whether you hire them for their services or not. For example, they stress the importance of relying on written – never verbal – contracts that spell out the exact details of the arrangement and the fee details before loading the truck. Once agreed upon by both parties, a signed copy of the agreement should be retained for your records. What sets JT Melia apart from other carriers is that many of the online reviews all contain similar, positive customer reviews regarding the great service, reliability, and friendliness of the staff.

When looking for a reliable and trustworthy carrier in the Houston area, people can’t go wrong with JT Melia.