FAQ: Packing And Shipping Supplies

 Why should premium packing and shipping supplies be used during a move?

While in transit, a homeowner’s furniture and personal belongings will be placed under a great deal of stress. They will be jostled around and possibly exposed to moisture. Protecting everything, therefore, should be a primary concern during any move. Fragile items like glass will need to be guarded against shock, and electronics must be protected against moisture. The easiest way to do this is with specialized equipment that is made specifically to protect household items.

What kinds of packing and shipping supplies are often used during a move?

The basic material every homeowner needs during a move is a strong set of boxes, preferably made from double walled cardboard or fiberboard. These boxes are tougher than standard cardboard materials and can handle extra moisture or weight. Some boxes are specially made for glass containers, clothing, or electronics. These containers are shaped to fit the items perfectly or come with additional padding for protection.

Additional padding in the form of paper or bubble wrap is also a popular choice. It’s important to use papers designed for protecting items during a move rather than newspaper because it may stain items with the ink. Paper and bubble wrap are effective at protecting glass and other fragile items. Shrink wrap is not used often, but it can help protect CDs, DVDs and other items that are extremely sensitive to moisture.

Tape and labeling tools are also essential supplies needed for a move. Packing or duct tape is normally strong enough for heavy duty cardboard boxes, and both will hold up well under moisture exposure. Also, labeling tools will be essential for keeping track of everything that’s been stored away and make the unpacking process easier.

Where can a homeowner find packing and shipping supplies for their move?

Many homeowners choose to get their materials from retail outlets or businesses that have a limited number of options. The boxes typically found in these stores are substandard and may not hold up under the rigors of moving. Instead, homeowners should get their materials through a moving service like Johnnie T. Melia Moving Company. Melia has helped thousands of home and business owners move their belongings for decades and has a selection of premium moving materials available. Melia also has special equipment like powered lifts or dollies for appliances or other large items.

What other services does Johnnie T. Melia Moving and Storage offer to homeowners looking to move?

Melia’s crew is certified in a number of services that can help a homeowner accomplish their move with minimal stress. Melia can help everything from packing and loading household items to unloading and unpacking them at the new property. Melia’s crew can adapt to a huge variety of moving situations and can move anything a homeowner needs to transport. Melia also maintains a secure storage facility and keeps everything in sturdy wooden crates. These will provide optimal protection against damage and the elements.