Hiring Packers & Movers From The Same Company

Not every company includes packers & movers in a moving job, but the ones that do can be a huge help to the client. This can shave many hours off of the entire process, and having professionals take care of this task will ensure that each item will be handled carefully and with the utmost respect. Because the business will be involved for most of the process, it is highly recommended that a homeowner thoroughly research any organization he or she may be considering.

For people who don’t have the time or are physically unable to do so, they will find that packers & movers can make the process much easier to handle. If something delicate needs to be moved, or something too heavy to pick up is in the home, then hiring a group of workers won’t just be a luxury, it may be a necessity. Bulky furniture, safes or appliances can wrench backs or cause injury if they aren’t lifted properly, so having a group of people to help out can also avoid any future medical bills.

In addition to packers & movers, many companies will also provide drivers and people to arrange everything at the new home. Residential and commercial properties can both be moved in this way, and it’s best for clients needing a commercial move to seek help. Sensitive equipment that holds reservoirs of ink or bundles of fragile electrical wiring can be permanently damaged if not handled properly. Tipping the device or bumping it into something may necessitate a replacement that could cost several hundred or thousand dollars, depending on the equipment.

Because a company that offers both of these services will have most of the influence over how the move goes, make sure that they are running a professional operation. Anyone with a truck and a few guys can call themselves professionals, but they are likely to do more harm than good. There are, unfortunately, many fraudulent businesses in the industry, but there are a few things a client can do to ensure they don’t become another victim.

Before soliciting any business, ask them to perform an estimate on location. Don’t agree to any calculation over the phone or online, as these numbers may change on the day of the move. Packers & movers that devise an estimate at the home or business should use weight instead of volumetric measurements, as the latter can change from person to person, and a shady company can exploit this to their benefit.

Read over any paperwork or contracts thoroughly, and make sure that all fees are accounted for. Verify their rates for mileage, fuel and labor, and get their policy in case the job runs longer than estimated. While a representative from the packers & movers company is putting together an estimate, ask for their Department of Transportation license number. Every moving business must have a legit DoT license to operate legally, and any operation that does not have one is likely to be hiding something.

This number can be verified on the Federal Motor Carriers website. With the DoT license, a client can check anything in the business’s background, including previous infractions and whether or not they have adequate insurance for transported goods.