To Pack or Not to Pack? Choosing a Mover That Packs

Moving day always seems to bring some stress, which is why many families trust professionals to do the tough, time-consuming work. If needed, that can include more than just the lifting and loading, because professional movers can do much more.

For example, an experienced crew can also do the packing, and for a lot of people, that’s a major relief.

Why Should Homeowners Consider a Mover that Does the Packing?

Some of the reasons for hiring professional movers and packers are obvious, but some of them aren’t. Here’s a look at both:

1. Professional packing saves you a lot of time

Even if you’ve got an entire family helping out, packing is a major task. Every family is different, but on average, it will take several days to pack a typical three-bedroom home. Anything larger than that, and you can expect to dedicate an entire week just on the packing.

An experienced relocation company, with its additional manpower, equipment and training can get the job done in a fraction of the time. The same three-bedroom house that would take a family four or five days to pack will only take a professional about six hours. If time is a consideration, professional packing makes a lot of sense.

2. Professional packing also saves your energy

Time may not be a concern, but even if you’ve got plenty to spare, you may not have the energy, or ability, to pack. Retirees and physically limited homeowners could put their health at risk by lifting, carrying and straining to get everything in the truck.

Experienced professionals know how to work harder and smarter, so they not only save their clients’ energy, they make efficient use of their own. That means a faster, safer move. It also means minimal risk of injury.

3. Professional movers have access to high quality packing materials

A reputable mover doesn’t rely on cheap, thin-walled cardboard boxes to get the job done. They don’t skimp on the padding or furniture blankets. A reputable mover has everything it needs to pack a house full of items, including double-walled boxes of various sizes, specialty boxes for dishware, electronics or clothing, various types of padding and miles of packing tape. There’s no risk of running out of packing supplies.

4. Professional movers are also trained to pack safely

In addition to physical and human resources, professional movers are trained and experienced in packing. It’s likely, in fact, that a professional mover will have far more packing experience than any client they ever work with. That experience is essential when filling up a moving truck, especially if there are a lot of fragile items involved. Knowing how to arrange things, what to tie down and how to transport so much weight will greatly reduce the likelihood of damage.

5. Professional movers keep everything organized

Part of that moving training is learning how to organize a move for efficiency. That means packing things that go in the same room together and labeling everything clearly. With this tight organization, it will be much easier to unload, unpack and arrange your belongings in the new home.

6. Professional movers can pack just about anything

Professional moving companies have seen, and moved, it all. That includes fragile artwork and glassware, pianos, billiard tables, even statues. No matter the packing challenge, an experienced moving company has the material, manpower and knowledge to get it done.

What Oher Services Do Experienced Movers Offer?

In addition to packing, a moving company’s services typically include the following:

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading are standard parts of a full-service move, and include lifting, carrying, arranging and securing everything in the moving truck. Once the truck reaches its destination, the moving crew will unload everything out of the truck and place it where it goes in the home.


Moving companies also do all the driving, which isn’t just a convenience for homeowners. This also lowers the chances of anything being damaged during transit. Moving professionals know how to handle their trucks, especially when they are loaded with thousands of pounds of household goods.


Moving companies can also do the unpacking, which includes taking everything out of the boxes and placing them where they go. This may also include setting up or assembling furniture.

Commercial moves

Some professional movers are also qualified to perform commercial moves. These movers know how to safely relocate office equipment, heavy desks and sensitive information, like paper files. Commercial moves typically require more resources and better organization, so professional moving experience is a must when handling them.

When homeowners think of professional movers, they may not think about packing services, but reputable moving companies are capable and happy to provide it. Homeowners and their families are often happy to learn that a professional can get the packing done quickly and safely.