To Pack or Not to Pack? Choosing a Movers That Packs

One of the most debated decisions when relocating a business or residence is whether the customer should pack individual items, or enlist the moving company’s services for packing. Personal items can have varying degrees of sentimental and monetary value, and it is always a difficult decision on whether or not to surrender this phase of moving to the relocation company. Of course, enlisting the moving company’s services for packing has different meanings in both procedure and cost.

One method of self-packing that has become increasingly popular is the use of Portable On-Demand Storage units (PODS). As the name suggests, PODS are portable storage units that are transported from one location to another, with the majority of the sorting and organizing labor completed by the customer. The movers simply transport the PODS unit to the new location when the homeowner is ready. This method is widely popular among individuals and couples that inhabit a one or two-bedroom residence. It provides the customer with the opportunity to pack and unpack their own belongings as they see fit.

A moving company’s services for packing can also mean that the customer packs certain categories of their belongings in boxes, with the movers handling the loading and transport of the boxes. This method is popular among families who have the time and resources to pack and label their own belongings. However, this strategy does take time and organization to accomplish in a timely manner. Of course, a family in the process of relocating is already under enough stress, and not everyone has the time and patience to essentially organize every non-furniture possession in their household.

An additional method utilized by a company offering moving services and packing is to simply inventory, pack, and transport everything. Although relatively uncommon, this approach can save a person an incalculable amount of time and energy, but it does cause the customer to reach deeper into their pockets. Enlisting the services of a relocation company to pack all belongings takes time on the part of the employees, as well as various supplies to pack and ship the items (i.e. boxes, tape, labels, etc.). This method is far and away the most costly to the customer. Of course, the cost of this service varies greatly depending on the amount, type, and materials needed to transport the items.

Researching a moving company’s services for packing can help establish a foundation of expectations for the relocation costs. Securing cost estimates on each method is a good way to start the process. It is during this stage that the customer can gain a strong foothold on what options will result in the best budgetary outcomes. The packing and unpacking costs of using PODS are essentially free, but the price of transporting and storing the PODS unit is more expensive respective to traditional services. Enlisting the helps of friends and family to fill countless boxes with items is another cost-effective strategy, but requires a vast amount of effort and organization to pull off. The last option, which is arguably the most expensive, is perhaps the easiest on the part of the customer. But, at the same time, there must be an immense amount of trust placed with the relocating team.