Alternatives to Three Men Movers

Three Men Movers is one of the better-established moving companies in the Houston area and has expanded its reach to Dallas and San Antonio. Few services can match it in professionalism, experience, and skill, which is why it is generally considered a quality business by reviewers around Texas. However, JTMelia is one of a handful of companies that can match them in nearly any area, providing greater depth and breadth of service, along with complete transparency along the way.

What makes JTMelia the superior choice over Three Men Movers?

  • Has been one of Houston movers since 1969!
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • All of the moving crew is hired and trained in house to live up to JTMelia moving company standards.
  • JTMelia has a A+ BB Rating.

Although Three Men Movers has been around since 1985, JTMelia has maintained strong roots in Houston for more than 50 years. JTMelia is a family owned and operated business, so its knowledge of various moves has been passed down to the company’s crews. JTMelia also trains its crews rigorously, so they are never caught off guard by a challenge.

In fact, JTMelia has a history of taking on significant challenges and succeeding. For example, they had to move a VIP a few years ago, and its crew had to do so quietly. VIP moves are kept quiet as long as possible so they can proceed smoothly, and JTMelia managed to get the VIP out of Houston with no disruption. This is all the more impressive when you consider the particular items that had to be transported with the client. Among the transported items were two solid stone statues of lions, both of which required special equipment and a huge pool of manpower to perform the move properly.

And while Three Men Movers has a strong presence in Texas, JTMelia can handle moves far beyond Texas’s borders. Not all Texas moving companies are capable of performing interstate or international moves, as they require precise logistics, reliable communication with the client and knowledge of various nations’ customs procedures. This is especially true when a homeowner is moving to a new country, because if something goes wrong during customs, everything the homeowner has may be locked away for weeks. Of course, JTMelia can provide door to door service around the world, so homeowners don’t have to go it alone in a new country. Our moving services are extensive and allow us to move anything anywhere from an apartment to a safe we can move it reliably!

Not all moves go as planned, though, which is why JTMelia maintains a large storage facility for its clients. If there is just too much stuff, or if a homeowner wants to scale down their space, everything that doesn’t fit can be trucked to JTMelia’s storage warehouse. Items in the warehouse are in sturdy crates that are difficult to crack open without assistance, so they are extremely secure.

A homeowner won’t go wrong with either company, but JTMelia can provide that extra bit of expertise that only comes with experience. Also, JTMelia is practiced in nearly every move possible, so there are generally no surprises for a technician. This will keep the move speeding along and progressing smoothly.

While they are not a bad moving company by any means JTMelia moving has the longer track record in moving people in and out of Houston as well as the pride of the Melia name is at stake on every move so we will not let a bad moving experience happen! We all know that things happen and everyone can make a mistake. We have always solved any problems with any move and with our track record in Houston spanning 50 years and our BBB rating as well as taking a look at what some of our clients have to say about their moves. This is why we feel we are the best moving company in Houston to provide a stress free move!