Why Moving With One Truck And Two Men Should Be Avoided

Individuals and families who are searching for their next home should avoid going with one truck and two random men and should instead look for a reputable and experienced company. Many people are tempted to enlist their families and friends for a move, or even worse, some random guys that are using their own vehicles for a cheap cost. While this may on the surface be a cheaper alternative, it can take the stressful event of a move and make it that much worse, especially when damaged belongings and lost items creep into the mix.

There is a long list of guidelines that professional movers must follow. This ranges from the licenses of their vehicles, to the state and country laws that oversee the entire moving business. To this point, it’s essential to go with professional movers to help. One truck, two men and whatever make-shift moving supplies are used will simply not cut it. Belongings can be lost or damaged in transit with the individual footing the bill. A professional company will utilize the necessary tools and packing materials needed for each unique move. This will save on costs while also giving the customer peace of mind since their belongings will be properly handled from start to finish. Even more so, some moving companies offer insurance for the person’s possessions should they accidentally incur damage during the move.

Professional moving companies have more than just a fleet of vehicles however. Many complications during a move are due to the packing and unloading phases, not the actual driving. Because of this, professional movers will write up a contract that stipulates the specifics of the move, along with all of the important and relevant dates and timeframes. They will have a plan from the beginning where the packing takes place, and will typically have an efficient method to get each and every piece of furniture inside the new location and in its right place. One truck and two men will likely play it by ear, not taking into account the many extenuating circumstances that are surely to arise during a move of any size.

Commercial moves should be carried out with even greater scrutiny since businesses are on specific budgets and typically have many more pieces being moved. A professional mover will do everything it can to get the business established in their new location, taking extra care with expensive or heavy office pieces that are making the trip. These pieces may require additional manpower to move safely, which is why the customer can’t just rely on one truck and two random men to get the job done. The logistics of moving several hundred office worker’s supplies to a new building and putting the items in the correct place is something that should be handled by professionals only. It’s simply not worth it to risk a move on the whims of amateurs, both for financial and contractual reasons.