Why 2 Guys and a Truck May Not be Enough

No matter the size of a move, 2 guys and their truck probably won’t cut it when it comes to everything that needs to be done. Bribing friends and relatives with pizza to help shouldn’t be considered for anyone with anything of value. When done right, relocating to a new home should be smooth and easy with no headache. Homeowners should understand that while choosing the least expensive option is helpful on the wallet, it could equate to serious consequences if valuables are lost or otherwise damaged. This is why choosing a professional moving company over friends, relatives, and other nonprofessionals is the best decision.

Why Homeowners Should Work With a Reputable Company Instead

When working with a reputable moving company, individuals can receive a number of benefits. Firstly, the cost could be much lower than the potential client might be anticipating. Most moving companies offer a free quote option to try before even beginning a project. This option usually involves filling out a form that outlines the finer details of the moving project. This includes the estimated duration of the project, distance between starting and finishing destinations, amount of belongings needing to be packed or stored, and any special instructions for certain items or valuables. Once this information is entered, individuals will receive an estimated price that as fair as it is accurate to each unique project.

In addition to these helpful quotes, a reputable moving company comes with professionals in the industry and years of experience. This means that individuals don’t have to worry about their possessions being lost, stolen, damaged, or poorly handled. If, however, any of these things happen, a moving company is likely to have the necessary insurance to cover the costs of damages and other problems. 2 guys and their pickup truck certainly won’t have insurance, accreditation, or the other necessary credentials to put homeowners at ease.

Not What They Seem

Though the simplicity of 2 guys and a truck may be attractive, this bare bones, “recruiting your buddies” option is not the safest choice. An established home has lots of belongings to account for. These items all hold their own values, and some can be incredibly expensive to replace. When working with friends and relatives, individuals run the risk of having items like televisions, tablets, stereo systems, and other devices broken or damaged in another way. Though it may be an accident, it does not change the fact that this is a problem the individual now has to deal with and most likely pay for. Though simplicity could be helpful, when it comes to making a move, a reputable moving company is the only way to go.