Where To Go To Check The Best Moving Companies Reviews

To find the best moving companies, people often use reviews from previous users. Good, bad or otherwise, this feedback can help others either steer clear of, or run to a carrier. Since many websites say they offer genuine reviews, how can someone really know? Here are three websites to check for honest mover’s reviews.


This site provides a cost calculator for moving, a list of carriers both inside and outside the U.S., auto transporters, moving guide and checklist, as well as a Q&A section where customers can ask an expert. There are also reviews for customers to determine who the best moving companies are. Reviews, in general, lean towards the negative experience as people tend to voice complaints rather than compliments. However, even these pieces of feedback can be helpful. This website also has a star rating system based on customer feedback, so it is easy to see which carrier receives a favorable rating.


This website is perfect for the customer that is solely focused on the best moving companies and their reviews. This website doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that many of the other ones offer, but it offers simplicity and ease of use. One quick look and it is easy to determine, by a five-star rating, which carrier is the top one in the area. There is also a place to read reviews, and the host keeps up with current review posts. This is also a website that is determined to only allow real customers to post reviews. They regularly maintain a search of where and who is posting a comment to ensure it is not a carrier or paid endorsement.


This website is best described as a jack of all trades. Their name alone, says it all – moving scam. No one wants to be a victim of a scam, particularly when it comes to moving their belongings. So this site is an excellent resource to begin with. They go over red flags and what to ask when interviewing a potential carrier. They also list the top rated carriers, by customer reviews, for local, long-distance, overseas, and auto transports. There is a customer review tab and a message board where people can post questions regarding their move. Their super list is categorized by state and is continually updated to provide the best carrier for a location.

Finding the best moving companies starts with their reviews. These websites are there to help find the right carrier based on location and services provided. Before signing a contract, be sure to check the carrier out on the websites listed above.