Tips For Finding Movers and Packers With Trustworthy Companies

Many people think that movers and packers are one in the same but the truth is that they aren’t. Some companies out there will move furniture and furnishings but they will not help to crate them and prepare them for the move. This is important to ask about when asking for a quote because assuming that the company offers both services could leave a consumer in a bind.

Other companies will offer their services as movers and packers but charge separately for each of those services. Again, assuming that one company will do both is a very risky type of gamble to take. It could end up with the consumer being way over budget for the move because they did not factor in the additional costs that will be incurred by asking the company to assist them with preparing their personal belongings and possessions for the move.

Some movers and packers not only charge extra to include both services but they will add on other fees as well. There may be additional charges added in for extra heavy boxes, the boxes themselves and any supplies that is needed such as bubble wrap, paper, furniture blankets, mirror protection material and other types of moving needs. Again this could end up costing the consumer much more than they had originally planned to spend on hiring movers.

This is why getting an accurate and full estimate or quote beforehand is so essential. Knowing which movers and packers to choose to make the process much easier is extremely important. This would be vital for anyone who may not have the resources or the ability to put everything into boxes to ready the household or office for the move.

It is also important to make sure that the movers and packers are willing and able to move a household or business to areas outside of the city or state that they are doing business in. Not every service offers local or long distance moving, or packing and unpacking services. These are important questions to ask ahead of time.

The best moving company will itemize the household and then check the condition of everything before it is taken away. This ensures that the customer doesn’t end up with damages that weren’t there prior to being moved.

The right moving company to choose would be the one that has the best reputation. More moving tips include checking with the BBB, and making sure that the companies will be able to offer referrals of satisfied clients. These companies also have a reputation to protect and wouldn’t risk having a bad referral. The right company will also be able to offer options or solutions to last minute problems such as the home or building not being ready. Sometimes there is a date that a customer must vacate and for unforeseen reasons, the new location is not going to be available on the same date. The right company will have storage options for this reason.

As with hiring any company, it is always best to do a lot of research before making the final decision. Asking the right questions and investigating the referrals can make moving a breeze.