Steps To Follow When Looking For Reliable Moving Companies In Houston

For any homeowner facing the task of a move, it is important to find those moving companies in Houston that are the most professional and reputable. While there are several ways to investigate the background of a business, it is possible to eliminate the amateurs just by being attentive. This is extremely important, because while the industry is well regulated by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, there are still many attempts to defraud customers every year. This can cost a homeowner their prized belongings or huge fees to get their furnishings back. In some cases, the client’s items may be damaged beyond repair. As such, the number one priority for a homeowner when planning to move is finding a reputable group of professionals to help out.

Any moving companies in Houston that are reputable will have a number of services available. Reputable firms will have no problem helping a client pack, drive, unpack, load or unload everything, and will also have the equipment needed to safely transport bulky items like a piano or safe. Unscrupulous operations will typically not offer these services, and will prefer to get the client’s items loaded on the truck as soon as possible and with as little interaction as possible. It is difficult for them to scam anyone until they have everything loaded, but once they have, it will be difficult to get everything back. A homeowner should never let it get to this point.

The best way to spot moving companies in Houston that may be problematic is how they handle their business. If they insist on not providing an in-home estimate, this is a bad sign. If they don’t have a contract available to look at, or if they provide one but pressure a customer to sign before allowing them to read the terms, it should be seen as a red flag. A reputable group of professionals should have no problem with walking a customer through all fees and contract items, and will be fine with performing a free estimate in person.

If the workers show up with a rental or unmarked truck, this could also be a bad sign. Moving companies in Houston that can be trusted will present themselves sharply, with workers in uniform and a truck that clearly identifies the business.

The best way to separate the bad apples from the good is to get their Department of Transportation license number. To operate legally as a freight carrier in the U.S., this license is necessary, and it is highly unlikely that a few guys with a rental truck are going to have one. To check on any moving companies in Houston, take this license number to the Federal Motor Carriers website, and input it into their database. The FMC keeps tabs on every operation in the U.S., and if the business can be trusted, the information will be clear on the website. Check that the professionals have several years of experience, are properly insured with both liability insurance and workers compensation. Going a step further would involve checking with the BBB. If there have been any incidents in the past, the information including the final resolution will be apparent. Following the steps outlined will enable the homeowner to make the best choice.