Moving Tips #4: Never Trust a Man With a Truck

At one time or another, everyone gets help from a man with a truck when moving, but it’s something that people should steer clear of. It’s understandable that a broke college student might need to take the risk, but a family with a household full of belongings should demand more. Relying on someone, even a trusted friend or relative, to provide all of the help when relocating is asking a lot, and isn’t a safe option. It’s not just a question of keeping everything safe from theft, it’s also about keeping the relocation chugging along at a steady pace and preventing damage to expensive items.

Moving Tip: Avoid the weekend warriors, or the guy with a truck who offers to move you. They may be cheaper but there is no way to calculate cost if things go wrong.


What are the real risks associated with settling for a man with a basic truck when moving?

Reputable relocation services guard both themselves and the client with several layers of paperwork and contracts, ensuring both sides are on the same page. These contracts include fee schedules, information regarding insurance, and the expected duties and timeline associated with the relocation crew. Once signed, a homeowner can rest easy knowing that all of the relocation details have been hammered out and set in stone. This is obviously not the case when getting help from an amateur, and if conflict arises, sparks may fly. For example, what if a friend drops a valuable vase and shatters it? Who pays for it? Maybe the friend will take responsibility, but if they don’t, there’s nothing the owner can do but bite the bullet. As long as a client opts for insurance through the relocation service, all of their items are covered in the event of an accident.

Can that friend or relative really be trusted to arrive on time at both ends of the relocation? What if they suddenly get sick or have to attend to other matters? Can the family wait days for everything to be sorted out? This is never an issue with a professional crew.

Will there even be enough manpower to handle everything, including the heavy furniture and overloaded boxes? Will there be equipment for loading stuff that is especially bulky? Professionals have access to the highest quality packing and loading equipment and materials, making even the most difficult relocations a breeze.

And the situation is even trickier when getting help from an unknown man with a truck when moving. Getting a cut rate from a neighbor or a few amateurs looking to make a buck may sound like a great deal, but can these people be trus6ted? Can they be trusted enough to hand over everything to them? If it’s just a few random guys, what’s stopping them from disappearing with everything once it’s loaded up on the vehicle? It happens, and thousands of people call in to the Better Business Bureau every year with complaints about fraud and poor service. The situation is likely much worse among amateurs.

In short, it’s just not worth the risk. Sure, it can save some money in the present, but when it eventually backfires, the emotional and financial toll is likely to be much worse.