What Corporate Moving Services Are Available For Businesses?

When a company needs corporate moving services, who can they call? They should call a company that knows and understands the needs of businesses. Downtime equals a loss of revenue, and no company can afford that. So when it is time to transition office spaces, what are five things a corporate moving services company should offer businesses?

Time Management

A company that specializes in corporate moving services knows that the business can only afford minimal downtime. When the moving company’s representative comes to assess the job, they will be able to determine how long the move will take. Often, the job will be done over a weekend to keep disruption of service down to a minimum. They may also draw out a floor plan so that the team will know where to place what items, and in which room at the new location.

Specialty Packing

There will be a team of people that will come in, disassemble furniture, pack up miscellaneous office supplies, properly pack all equipment that has liquid components, securely transfer all paper documents, clearly label all boxes, and create custom boxes to fit unusually shaped items.

Moving Electronics

Most businesses have multiple pieces of electronics, from phones to fax machines, copiers, and computers, at a minimum. Reassembly of these items means that all of their components need to remain with the item. This will require bundling of those wires and plugs and color-coding them to ensure that the right wires are with the correlating piece of equipment.

Office Furniture

No matter the size of the business, the corporate moving services that are chosen should know how to move each piece of furniture. It may be dismantling a large conference table, office partitions, cubicle desk units, chairs and more. Some of those pieces will require packing, and others will require adequate wrapping with packing blankets. At the new location, the crew will reassemble each piece and place them in the right room.

Catalog All Items

This means everything that is being moved will be notated, whether it is inside of a box or just wrapped in a packing blanket. Attention to detail is crucial when a business is moving. This catalog of items will help ensure that nothing is missing at the new location, as each item will be checked as it is loaded onto the truck for departure.

In business, time is money. Making sure that the business has as little downtime as possible during a move is a priority for a company that specializes in this service.