How Can Professionals To Assist With Moving Companies Cross Country

Moving companies cross country is one of the most challenging tasks a moving service can take on, but one Johnnie T Melia Moving is prepared to handle. There are major logistical hurdles to overcome when performing a commercial move and when performing an interstate move. Combining both into one job takes major skill and decades of experience in the industry. Fortunately, Johnnie T Melia has both, with more than 40 years of work in the field. Because Houston is such an attractive city to do business in, this outstanding moving company has had many opportunities to work with commercial clients during their transition to the largest city in Texas.

What are some obstacles a mover in Houston has to overcome when moving companies cross country?

The biggest trap a business can fall into is hiring a residential moving service to handle their transition. Commercial moves are almost always larger in scale and require a greater amount of manpower and equipment to perform properly. Office equipment, though heavy and bulky, is also fragile, so it takes precision to handle it properly. Unlike residential goods, which can be packed together in hundreds of ways, commercial goods have to be packed and loaded with the future destination in mind. Once at the new office, businesses will waste no time getting everything in order and running once again. Haphazard packing and loading will make this part of the process much more difficult than it has to be, so planning the move out before putting anything in the truck is necessary.

Long distance moves also pose additional challenges and can strain a moving companies logistical muscle. As long as the company follows all federal and state laws, the long distance move should go smoothly. However, a service not used to interstate jobs will have trouble arriving on time, taking the most efficient route, and preventing damage to the client’s goods.

How does Johnnie T Melia Moving handle moving companies cross country?

Melia’s crew is certified in several types of moves, including commercial, interstate and international. JTMelia can work with businesses of all sizes, from small mom and pop stores to enormous multinational corporations. During a commercial move, Melia’s team will help business managers handle the preplanning and put together an extensive checklist that will keep everything in order.

This will include extensive mapping out of the new office’s floor plan. Before the trucks even pull up to the new building, the crew will know exactly where everything will go. Melia’s team also knows how to pack and load items together for maximum efficiency during unloading. It is extremely important that communication equipment, wiring and files receive top priority during the move, as these items are generally needed to get the business up and running once again. While in transit, Melia’s drivers are in constant contact with dispatch, so we can keep our clients updated to the minute on the status of their goods and expected time of arrival.

Setting up a new office in another state can be a stressful time, but Johnnie T Melia can simplify the process with knowhow, efficiency, and years of customer satisfaction.