FAQ: How Do You Choose A Moving Company in Houston?

Important questions to ask before you choose a moving company in Houston.

Why choose one of the best moving companies in Houston? Aren’t they all the same?

Whether moving household goods, office, or a single room, it is important to realize that not all businesses are created equal. A reputable business will offer affordable rates and ample experience to ensure the job is well done. The right business will depend a great deal on the need of the customer. However, all businesses should make the consumer’s needs and security a priority.

How can I find a good moving company?

Every business should have three or more strong points that make it stand above the competition. This should be an easy question for any legitimate moving company. If they have to use negative sales tactics, it is a good idea to find another carrier. There is no need to bad-mouth the competition or tell horror stories to sell a service. In fact, a reputable carrier will sell itself based on the answers to consumers’ questions and customer service.

Are these companies licensed?

Within Texas, all moving carriers require licensing. The consumer can obtain licensing information by asking. Take a quick look at ensuring the business name and address matches that on the license. If a moving expert is uneasy providing this basic information, the consumer should take this as a red flag and walk away.  

Texas provides a free database to look-up licensed moving professionals and businesses. Look for an “ACTIVE” status. It is illegal to operate as a carrier without the proper license within the state of Texas.

How can someone tell if the business is legal and professional?

All of the best moving companies in Houston have marked trucks with their name, USDOT number, TxDMV certificate number on both sides. In fact, it is the law to have this information on the sides of the truck. So, if the vehicle arrives at your doorstep without the required information on the vehicle, do not let them into your home or office.  

Am I required to sign contracts or documents?

Proposals, contracts, and other documentation are for consumer’s protection. A licensed moving professional will go over any proposal with the consumer before requiring a contract signature. Once the contract is signed, no additional charges are assessed without agreement by both parties. As a consumer, please, read any documentation thoroughly before signing anything. In addition, all licensed Texas relocation experts are required by law to provide the consumer with a “Rights and Responsibility” brochure.  

What a great deal. Is this price, right?

As the old adage says, If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Low prices can sound great, but the real price can cost the consumer dearly. Unscrupulous businesses can try and trick the consumer into rushed contracts or agreements. Take caution if the price seems too low.

Can the consumer ask question?

The customer should always feel free to ask questions. The best moving companies in Houston answer questions openly, provide documentation freely, and make the customer feel comfortable with a stressful situation.