Safety FAQ: Why Avoid Independent Movers

Why do some homeowners consider amateur movers and truck owners for their move?

During a move, some homeowners consider cost to be the most important factor when selecting a service. In general, it is true that an amateur is likely going to charge less upfront for moving services, though this doesn’t mean the move will be less expensive in the long run.

Some homeowners also wait until the last minute to select a moving service and this can force the homeowner into a snap decision.

What is the danger of choosing uncertified movers and independent truck owners?

In the moving industry, there is a right way to organize, maintain and present a business. Uncertified crews don’t follow any of these rules. This puts the homeowner’s belongings in great danger, because there is nothing a homeowner can do if something goes wrong. If damaged occurs, there is no insurance to replace the item. If theft occurs, then there is no bond to protect the homeowner’s interests. If the carrier decides to charge the homeowner more as soon as everything is loaded up, there is often little a homeowner can do to stop them. Even when a service engages in criminal activity, police may not respond quickly enough to prevent items from being stolen and lost.

Even if an amateur has honest intentions, their lack of training will mean more damage and less efficiency. Choosing an amateur can delay a move by several days or even weeks if the new home is far away.

How can a homeowner tell when they are dealing with unqualified movers and truck owners?

It’s can be pretty easy to tell when a homeowner is interacting with an unprofessional moving company. There won’t be any paperwork present; the truck won’t have any branding; the crew won’t offer packing services or packing materials, and there won’t be any official address for the business. However, occasionally a service will deceptively present itself as a legitimate moving company.

To protect against these predators, a homeowner should request the company’s Department of Transportation (DoT) license number. This is something a legitimate moving company will have no problem providing. If they will not provide the number, do not do business with them. Even if they do supply a DoT license number, this should be checked online at the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) website. The FMCSA’s database keeps an active record of all licensed companies and verifies their certifications, level of insurance, fleet size and driving record.

What equipment does JTMelia have to ensure a safe and efficient move?

JTMelia has carved out a sterling reputation in the industry for several reasons. JTMelia has been around for decades and uses its experience in the field to approach every move efficiently. We have an extended fleet of vehicles that are for long distance moves, including interstate and international jobs. Each vehicle is designed to minimize shock in the storage cabin, which will protect the homeowner’s goods. JTMelia also provides a clear estimate before the process begins and will set the terms down in the contract, so there will be no surprises once the move is complete.