FAQ: Moving Companies Rates

When hiring moving companies, what rates should a home or business owner expect?

Most moving services will charge by the hour or the room. However, there may be additional fees if there are any unique circumstances for the move. The moving service should let the homeowner know in advance if any of these fees apply, and a detailed estimate can help keep track of these. Homeowners should expect the cost to rise with the size of the home and the distance of the drive.

What affects moving companies rates the most?

The home or business size and the distance to be traveled will have the greatest impact on the final cost, but there are several special situations that could alter the price further. If the moving crew will need to navigate a large set of stairs or handle bulky items, additional fees may be tallied in the estimate. Some companies may charge this by adding hours to the expected labor cost, so ask the service if special fees apply.

For particularly heavy items, like a safe or piano, special equipment may be needed. Powered lifts and cranes take additional manpower to operate and will increase the cost of the job.

How can someone lower the cost of the move?

Many moving businesses offer a full range of service, including packing, loading, driving and unpacking everything at the new space. Each of these services will increase the anticipated labor cost of the job, so anything a homeowner can do to expedite them will reduce the price. If a homeowner is willing to pack everything, this can greatly reduce the cost. It is best to label everything in detail. This way a homeowner can quickly communicate how everything should be loaded. However, professionals are better at packing things away safely, so the decreased cost may be adding the risk of item damage.

Also, most moves take place at the beginning or end of the month, as this is when most residential leases turn over. During peak times, the price will be higher, so moving during the middle of the month is a smart way to lower the price.

How can a homeowner ensure they are dealing with moving companies that offer fair rates?

Seeking out multiple estimates when looking for a moving service will give a better idea of what the move will likely cost. An in-home estimate will also be much more accurate and the homeowner will be able to get a copy of the paperwork. The service’s contract should detail any fees and reputable businesses will not hide them. So, if there are any surprises in the fine print or fees that seem vague, it may be difficult to trust an estimate. Also, a fair estimate will use weight and not volume when calculating travel costs, so keep this in mind when looking through the contract.

Moving a home is a significant undertaking that represents a large financial commitment. A homeowner should make sure they know what fees to expect and how they are being calculated before hiring any company for the move.