FAQ: Moving Services In Houston

When choosing moving services in Houston, TX, there is a lot to consider. Many times, individuals turn to friends and family for help when moving, but this option can get complicated pretty quickly. There may be payment to consider, time restrictions, and the quality and efficiency of the work. Choosing a company such as JT Melia takes all the guesswork out the equation and makes every project a seamless transition. This company guarantees top-notch service at great prices every time. As a family owned and family-centered business from the start, JT Melia is dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible services in the state. Before settling on a company to get the job done, however, consider the following questions.

Q: What should a home or business owner consider when looking for moving services in Houston, TX?

A: The biggest thing most consider is cost. Many people end up overpaying for subpar moving services, especially for businesses. Costs are high enough, making the actual service the last thing one wants to pay for. Of course, using non-professionals like friends and family often comes with problems and strained relationships, making it important to find a reasonably priced company before committing to them. When configuring price, labor, duration of the project, and the distance between locations, all factors must all be taken into account. At JT Melia, clients can get a free online quote by filling out a form with their specific project information. Each factor is considered carefully when returning an estimate, so home and business owners won’t have to worry about paying for more than they’re getting.

Q: How long does a typical moving project take?

A: The customer’s needs most often determine the duration of the project. Depending upon how much is being moved, where the new location is, and how many items need special care or treatment, the initial procedure can take anywhere from two days to a full week. For interstate jobs, this time frame can be longer. When getting a free quote with JT Melia, clients can roughly figure out how long their move may take by considering the factors mentioned above and more.

Q: Why is JT Melia considered one of the best moving services in Houston, TX?

A: With over 40 year of experience, JT Melia understands the importance of quality and trustworthy service. Founded in 1969, this company has always held to a single principle: to be “The Movers that Care.” They are not just interested in getting their money and leaving, but instead truly care about their client’s project. They take care of each customer’s belongings and ensure that, when working with them, there will be no extra stress. They provide quality packing and storage solutions as well. Johnnie T Melia, the founder of the company, believes in treating people right—even treating people like family. When working with them, customers can expect to have a positive moving experience.