FAQ: Why Furniture Movers Should Be Hired

Why would someone hire furniture movers when the moving process can be done independently by renting a truck?

With the growing number of people moving to new locations each year, it should come as no surprise that not many truly enjoy the experience. From the various details to address and the physical labor involved, there is no doubt that there is substantial value in leaving the job to trained professionals. Whether the move is across country or just down the street, the assistance and equipment they offer can alleviate any related burden often placed on those involved.

What kind of truck will be used for my move?

Trucks normally vary in length from 12 to 26 feet, and range in styles that include tractor trailers and cube trucks. The larger rigs are used to accommodate more volume for a single customer or multiple customers simultaneously. They come equipped with wall bars for securing large and/or heavy furniture, and a ramp for smooth loading onto the truck. Another ramp may be used when stairs are present on the property.

Should I pay more to leave the packing in the hands of the professionals?

These professionals will come equipped with the necessary items to make sure that all of one’s belongings arrive safely at their new destination. Wooden crates or sturdy cardboard boxes are utilized along with protective paper, Styrofoam or bubble wrap. Thick blankets or pads and cording are employed to protect furniture or add cushion between pieces. Boxes are sealed with heavy duty tape and labeled to identify the contents and who packed it. They will also have with them rope, a tape measure, and basic tools such as a wrench and screwdriver for the dismantling and assembly of furniture.

What types of equipment might be used to load belongings onto the truck and for delivery?

Dollies come in a variety of sizes including the two wheel format which is lightweight and used to load and unload heavier furniture, boxes, and awkward items. An appliance dolly is heavy duty and includes a built-in strap for moving those large pieces. A four wheel style has a flat surface or crate to assist with moving when an elevator or a longer distance from the truck must be navigated. Other key pieces of equipment that furniture movers may use include hoisting straps for lowering bulky pieces out a window, a pallet jack, and a piano board.

While tackling the job independently may look cheaper on paper, the equipment and expertise that furniture movers can bring to the process is worth every penny. They can protect personal property as well as the customer’s sanity. Each move comes with its own unique challenges. Therefore having the right tools to address them can ultimately impact the overall outcome. Everything from the specific truck to the padding used can affect the condition of the belongings upon arrival.