FAQ: Home Packing Services

Who can benefit from home packing services?

The short answer is; anyone can. More specifically, anyone that doesn’t have the time, ability or inclination to box everything they own and prepare it for moving. For example, when a client picks up a new job in another city, they may be under enormous pressure to begin as soon as possible. This can compress a client’s timeline greatly, making it impossible for them to focus on every detail of the move.

Another example is an elderly couple that doesn’t want to put their health at risk while moving. Boxes can easily weigh 50 pounds or more once filled, and putting all this stuff away can put a lot of strain on a person’s back or neck. It’s not worth risking injury if a client can avoid it.

How are home packing services a major time saver?

Anyone who has prepared for a move knows that finding boxes, filling them and taping them shut is usually the most monotonous part of the process. Even in a one bedroom apartment, packing everything can take hours, and preparing a single family home usually takes a couple days or more. And that’s assuming everyone can stay on task for hours at a time and without getting exhausted. In short, people underestimate how much time it will take to box up everything.

Professionals, though, are equipped to get the job done in a hurry and with minimal assistance from the client. This frees the client up to handle other elements of the move.

Who can provide home packing services?

Some moving companies can also box a client’s belongings in addition to loading and moving them. Not every firm is willing to do this because it takes special training, but those that do tend to be among the most reputable companies in the area.

It takes a lot of manpower to box a house’s worth of belongings, and even more manpower to handle particularly bulky or heavy items. Only a handful of firms in any city have the muscle and logistics for this part of the process. So, a client will have to check out a number of review sites to see which companies meet these standards.

What do home packing services normally consist of?

Moving companies that provide boxing can typically provide all of the materials needed for the job, including durable boxes, tape and special containers for specific items. For example, JTMelia maintains a broad inventory of multi-walled cardboard boxes, which can resist pressure and liquid, different types of box tape and a variety of protective materials like bubble wrap. JTMelia also has special boxes for items like clothing and dishes, and these can better protect delicate materials.

With their muscle and training, moving companies can complete the process in a fraction of the time and keep the move on schedule.