Finding A Company That Offers Movers Storage Facilities

Sometimes when a family or individual is relocating, they need to use a movers storage space for extra belongings. Determining when that is actually a need may be harder to decipher. There are really two choices when someone does not need their belongings right away. They can either place it in storage themselves right away or use the movers storage area.

Movers In Houston With Storage Facilities

The first choice of putting the items at a temporary location themselves would be good if it is short term. Many times a customer can include this drop off in the agreement with the carrier. When packing day comes, they will load the truck with the anticipation that some of the belongings will go into containment, while others will be taken directly to the new residence. It is beneficial if boxes and furniture are labeled ahead of time so the agents will know their final destination. It may also change the way they pack the truck. It may make more sense if there are a lot of items that are going to be putting away to have them packed separately on the truck. This will make off-loading at the new locations easier. However, this cannot always be done, so it is wise to make sure that everything is labeled appropriately. There may be extra charges for this type of service, so it is an option that should be gone over thoroughly ahead of time. In addition, the agents can take extra care of furniture items that will be contained for a period of time by sealing them with additional padding or shrink wrapping them.

The other option of using a movers storage facility would be a good choice for different situations. Those would be if the customer will not be able to be at the new location to receive their belongings for some reason, or they need containment of their belongings for more than six months. A term that they may hear is Storage-In-Transit. This is defined as belongings contained by the carrier for up to a predetermined amount of time. After that, the carrier may change the term of the containment to local storage. Rates for both are very different, so it is best to be clear about both the terms and the associated costs.

Typically when a customer is unable to take some or all of their household goods right away, a carrier will place it in a local movers storage facility. These are highly secure facilities with onsite security guards, alarms, and other sorts of security devices. The items are placed into a sealed pallet vault, much like the portables on demand that many people have used. Actual portables on demand are another long term option. Again, in these carriers take great care of items by adding extra protection to the belongings. This would include additional padding and shrink wrapping items to ensure that they are kept in the best possible condition.

The length of time someone will need to stow their belongings will typically determine whether or not utilizing a movers storage facility is the best option. Many people in the industry would suggest if it is only going to be a short period of time that the customer does it themselves. However, for longer containment needs, it makes sense to use the carrier’s facilities to ensure the items are protected and can be delivered when the customer is ready for them.