What Options Are Available For Commercial Storage In Houston?

Security, affordability, and accessibility are the top three advantages consumers seek in a good commercial storage facility. With today’s competitive market it is nice to see there is one style that is rising above the rest. Palletized containers, or vaults, offer a good choice for businesses seeking secure cargo space while minimizing cost. This is more cost effective because the business only pays for the space necessary to stockpile the property on the premises.

What are the advantages of using a “vault” system?

The palletized containers are stacked together creating a virtually impenetrable wall of unidentifiable, wooden crates. The true value of what is inside of those crates is not easily discerned, so businesses are assured added security and safety. The facility is heavily guarded during the day, and at night the facility is secured and inaccessible.

Every effort is taken to protect the contents of the containers. The commercial storage company can carefully wrap the belongings for the customer before placing them in the pallet vault. This adds an extra layer of safety to equipment and office supplies, and this extra step helps reduce spillage and disarray while packed away. Packing the supplies and equipment into wooden crates helps maintain a consistent moisture level.

The vaults are easy to access when needed. By simply contacting the commercial storage representative beforehand, the vault can be opened and ready upon arrival. The consumer is offered assistance or given complete privacy as requested. The price is easily adjusted as added or removed items change the space requirements.

Cargo space for businesses can be expensive. Some commercial storage facilities rent the consumer a generic space regardless of how much space is actually necessary to get the job done. The vaults are easily capable of handling any size project without too much leftover space. The consumer only pays for the space used.

A reliable storage company like JT Melia can help their vault clients through every step of the process whether it is packing the property at the office or delivering the packed property to the doorstep five years later. They can also customize the quote to meet the consumer’s needs.

Whether in the office or at the facility, the consumer may enjoy complete discretion if required. Having strangers boxing up valuables and moving containers can thrust customers and employees into an anxious situation, but professionals know how to offer privacy and complete the project without drawing unnecessary attention to the process.

Finding a reputable commercial storage service has never been easier in the Houston, Texas region. JT Melia provides a reliable, secure, and affordable solution that easily fits with any business’ needs. Getting started is easy. Contact a knowledgeable customer service representative today.