What Are The Available Options For Business Storage?

Finding the right fit for business storage can be accomplished with a little work, and a smooth transition can happen. Businesses face some of the same challenges and obstacles as homeowners when they need to move. Sometimes a company may need to set their belongings aside for a period of time before the actual move takes place.

Vault storage is becoming commonplace for companies to store their belongings. When most people think of a vault, they think of a safe deposit box at a bank. Vaults now come in many different sizes and shapes. They can range in size from a shoe box to the size of a room. Some are small, steel containers, while others are wooden vaults placed in a storage facility. These facilities may or may not be climate controlled. If sensitive materials will be stored, check with the company ahead of time to see if climate-controlled storage is an option.

Johnnie T. Melia Moving Company of Houston, Texas, offers business storage services. This solution can be ideal for a business planning to move. They have different sized vaults which range in price depending on the size and can hold up to 1500 pounds. The benefit is the customer only pays for the space that is needed. The items are sealed in unrecognizable crates and stored side by side that helps deter from theft. The items can also be packaged by JTMelia to ensure an extra layer of safety. Another benefit is that a business can store its belongings from one month to years if needed without worry. The terms can be negotiated when the items are put in containment. The vaults are under surveillance and secure 24/7. If the customer wants to view the items in the vault, they can call and arrange a time to view, add, or remove items. The cost can be adjusted to accommodate additions or reductions to the space utilized, so the client never pays for more than they use.

An advantage of JTMelia is they are a full service moving company. They are able to pack up the items that need to be stored and place them in the vaults for however long is needed. When a customer is ready to reclaim their belongings, they can call the company, have the items delivered and unpacked at the new site. This company can also do a site to site move without business storage. This would entail directly moving items from the old location to the new one. JTMelia will also provide a quote free of charge for any of their services. This full service company makes it easy for the customer by only having to deal with one vendor for all of its moving and storage needs.