The Advantages Of Hiring Movers With Storage Space Available

When a situation arises, and people have to move suddenly, finding professional movers with storage space available may be the best option. These situations can include being suddenly transferred for a job, or possibly a home is sold and the seller wasn’t quite ready to vacate yet. Regardless of the situation, there are moving companies out there to help.

Most of the time a moving company is hired and a separate storage facility is found, hopefully near the location required. For the customer, this can be rather inconvenient, especially when they have to take the time to find both services and have to deal with the billing for each. This can take up a lot of time and effort that could be concentrated in other activities.

To simplify the move, finding a Houston mover that can provide both services is ideal. They will be able to pack and move all items to the onsite storage facility. This not only expedites the process but also adds security because the company that oversees everything is providing both services. Also, this is usually a cheaper option because the company can offer savings when both services are used simultaneously.

Movers who have storage facilities are typically well-established companies that have been around for many years and have a solid reputation. Hiring them assures the customer that the move will be done correctly and in a timely fashion. Not to mention a company like this will be bonded and able to cover any damage done, should the unthinkable happen. This certainly offers some peace of mind for the customer.

Another advantage of finding movers with a storage facility is that the duration of stay is more easily accommodated. Usually a company that has space available wants the customer to sign up for a certain amount of time to use the facility, and the first month typically requires a larger payment than the months that follow. Also, they may want a deposit and require the customer to clean the unit when vacating. A moving company with storage facilities may not require a lease, or any of the above for that matter. Since they are taking care of the whole job from the original location to the new location, and the stop in between, all the expenses will be included in one bill. This makes the whole situation easier and less stressful for the customer.

Movers with storage facilities are ideal for those that need both services. They provide the services of what would normally be two companies, and in doing so simplify the entire process of the move.