How Can Long Term Storage Units Be Used?

Who can benefit from the use of long term storage units? Anyone! They are easy, affordable, and extremely convenient. The beauty of these containers is that they can protect your belongings from dust, debris, and thieves. The containers can be used for many different situations, like moving, renovations, international moves, downsizing, or freeing up space in the home for heirlooms, collector items, and other cherished belongings.

When moving, long term storage units provide the extra space needed for when you are between houses. For example, you have closed on your house, but the closing date for the house you are purchasing may be a couple of weeks away. Utilizing a container and keeping it at a secured facility will help keep some of the anxiety out of what can be a very stressful experience.

For renovations, keeping your possessions in a secured facility provides a space for your belongings to avoid being damaged while the work is being done. Like moving, renovations can tax a person and their patience. Sometimes, there are delays because of materials or people, and this is where an offsite storage facility comes in handy. Worry about getting your contractor to stick to the budget and time frame and not on your belongings.

If you want a facility that has helped store Houstonians belongings since 1969, then you need to call JT Melia Moving and Storage. They offer secured long and short term storage units. They have a unique system of palletized containers in several different sizes. This way, you only pay for the space you actually need. Their facility is staffed during business hours and then locked down at night. Their palletized containers can hold up to 1,000 pounds of items, which equate to about two rooms worth of boxes and furniture.

JT Melia also offers packing and unpacking services. Their packers have 20 years of experience and understand the best way to wrap your items to protect them. Their extensive packing knowledge ensures your possessions will be securely sealed against dirt and damage. Once you are ready, you can have your belongings shipped to you anywhere in world. If you are moving within the United States, JT Melia will also carefully unload your items from the long term storage units to ensure no damage is incurred in the process.

JT Melia are the “movers that care” and it shows by the respect and consideration every customer receives. They truly treat your belongings as if they were their own. Maybe it is because it is a family-owned business, but JT Melia understands that no matter how big or how small the item, it is still precious. Give them a call today to see why Houstonians trust JT Melia for all their moving and storage needs.