Hiring An Overseas Moving Company For An International Move

With the challenges and stress of an international move, choosing an experienced overseas moving company in Houston is crucial to a successful move. The most stressful aspect of international moves is the planning and precision that is required to translocate your possessions outside the country. One of the first steps is to find a Houston mover experienced with international translocations. Make sure the business is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). This federal agency regulates U.S. international transportation and protects the public from financial harm.

JT Melia Moving Company has been handling international moves for many years and has moved clients from Houston to locations around the world. They understand that each move is unique and requires a deft touch and consideration when handling people’s possessions. Because of this, they have teamed up with National Van Lines to ensure a smooth translocation experience. National Van Lines is a highly experienced overseas moving company with over fifty years in the practice of international transportation. They have the knowledge to assist you in dealing with customs and tariffs in other countries.

JT Melia Moving will help you plan your move. They offer many services to take the strain out of this stressful process. Professionally trained packers will wrap and crate your possessions in the right size cartons and boxes. It is recommended to have professional packers load and cushion fragile items, such as collectibles, antiques, paintings and glassware. These items are harder to pack and professionals will have the right equipment to make sure they remain in pristine condition during the move. JT Melia employs professional packers that have been with them for over twenty years and understand how to properly cushion and crate your belongings.

As a family-owned business, JT Melia Moving and Storage will treat you as if you are family. They will assist you with export documentation, customs clearances and freight. They also insure delivery to the destination. They are a compassionate overseas moving company that will make certain your entire translocation experience is smooth — from first quote to delivery at your final destination.