Essential Questions To Ask An International Moving Company

Making the decision to hire an international moving company is the only surefire way to ensure a successful and smooth moving experience. Reducing the anxiety and difficulty with the proposed move starts with finding the right moving company to work with. It is a good idea to compare four or more experts and decide which will be able to provide exceptional service at the most reasonable price.

What should the consumer ask the company? What is needed to move overseas?

Licensing and documentation is a necessity to keep everything legitimate. The FMC or Federal Maritime Commission is a good organization to contact for needed documentation. The international moving company must have a license as an OTI or Ocean Transportation Intermediary. Contact the FMC to validate licensing. However, the regulations for moving overseas are different than moving to Canada or Mexico. A good company will help explain to the consumer what licenses are necessary according to their intended location.

The moving company should also have proper and adequate insurance. An itemized inventory may seem like a hassle, but create a thorough list with the value of each item. Should a mishap occur, the itemized list will provide a valuable resource for the insurance company if they need to handle a claim for any lost or damaged items?

Shipping an automobile has its own set of challenges. Each country has its own import regulations on automobiles. There are some things to consider before moving a vehicle. Is an international driver’s license accepted? How can the consumer obtain a license? What are the environmental standards? What is the cost of automobile insurance in the new location? How much will it cost? What is the estimated time of arrival?

Moving due to a career? Most large companies will provide a healthy allowance for the big day. An international moving company will often give a free quote to the consumer.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as next day arrival on a package going overseas. The larger the container, the longer it will take to make its way to an overseas location, so plan accordingly.

A good tip to remember whether visiting or moving internationally is to always make photocopies of identification cards, passports, and other personal documentation. It can expedite replacement should the original be misplaced, stolen, or lost.

An international moving service is a valuable tool to have on the side of the consumer. This is a big moment in one’s life, and the service provider will be able to assist by offering suggestions, giving valuable advice and offering extensive services. To minimize the stress, many choose to let the moving company do the packing, loading, hauling, unloading and unpacking.

When deciding to move, whether overseas, to Mexico or Canada there are a lot of things the consumer must consider. This can be a very disorientating and anxious time, but a good international moving service provider will minimize the negative aspects while ensuring everything ends up at the right place, within a reasonable time, and at a cost effective price.