What Is The International Association Of Movers?

The International Association of Movers is an organization that is dedicated to advancing global commerce, and providing advocacy for the industry. From a humble beginning of only 33 members at their first meeting, this non-profit organization is currently affiliated with 2,000 companies in roughly 170 territories and countries. They were founded in 1962 with the purpose of providing relevant information to consumers and improving moving services. Since that time, their influence has grown to make them one of the main representatives and supports of the household goods shipment industry. Their efforts to make companies that practice international moves have high service standards has placed them in a position to assist in creating policy and to address issues proactively.

Formerly known as The Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, in September of 2008 a name change was considered and voted upon, and in January of 2009 it was made official. Their analysis of trends in the industry and regular email updates with need-to-know information allow members to stay abreast of current events that may impact or improve business.

People undertaking a long distance move that is interstate or intrastate are protected by regulations put in place by a branch of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Since moves that occur cross continent are not subject to the same strict laws and protections as local or cross country ones, the International Association of Movers can vouch for the integrity of a company just the same as consumer reviews. They are unlikely to back anyone with a history of losing items, consistently failing to meet deadlines, and unprofessional conduct towards clients. Generally, only companies that are well established are members; although membership can be bought, companies have to qualify for eligibility in the association.

Being a member of the International Association of Movers offers the benefits of receiving legal guidance, opportunities to network, and educational lessons and resources that are industry specific. Their annual meeting draws people from all over the world. Since the IAM creates and encourages strong working relationships, professionals can find other experienced companies to conduct business with when coordinating moves. A global team can be easily assembled because a membership in the International Association of Movers is a signal to others in the industry about the standards the company holds. Their business directory, updated annually, provides a comprehensive list of partnerships, resulting in seamless shipping and forwarding.

They provide resources that are informative and geared toward helping their clients make informed decisions. Their website serves corporate clients, military personal, private customers, as well as current members, potential members, and those wanting to establish themselves in the industry of transportation and forwarding of household goods.

A move can be a trying process, both physically and emotionally, and the assistance of trained professionals can facilitate the transition and ease the stress associated with this task. Researching the alliances and certifications a company has can reveal their work ethic, how they compare to others in the industry, and their levels of up-to date training. The IAM is not the only acronym to look for when learning about a business. Professional and legally operating Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers or Ocean Freight Forwarders have licenses granted by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). A moving company may be affiliated with FIADA, FIDI, ISA, RIM or OMNI in addition to or instead of the International Association of Movers.