How Can An International Moving Service Help With A Move

A top notch international moving service can be the key to a successful and stress free move abroad. The knowledge and experience that a reputable company can bring to the table during such an overwhelming situation will be worth every penny.

Moving to another country can be daunting for any individual or family; therefore it is imperative to seek the assistance and expertise that a professional company can provide. Starting from the initial contact online or via phone, their representatives will walk the client through the process at hand. An onsite evaluation of what is to be moved is a must as it can provide both parties with a clear understanding of what will be moved and the charges to expect. Charges are typically based upon weight and volume, so this may lead the customer to donate or sell items to lighten the load.

In addition to the initial estimate, the international moving service will go over the added services they offer including packing and unpacking, providing supplies, the actual move of the household items, and the pre-arrangement of storage, if necessary, on either end of the move. Whether it occurs by land, sea, or air, the move can be lengthy process from departure to arrival, but it is imperative that the company stays in continuous contact to provide progress updates via online tracking and/or personal contact.

What can be especially overwhelming to many facing an overseas move is all the documentation required throughout the process, such as customs clearance and export credentials. The ideal company should be knowledgeable about the customs guidelines at the final destination. They will be able to ensure everything has been tended to minimize the chance of any delays along the way.

From experience to services available, not all companies in the industry are the same. It is important to do extensive research on potential candidates prior to entrusting them with furniture and other personal property. There is an abundance of businesses to choose from, so knowing what to look for and contacting more than one company before signing on the dotted line is vital.

While getting recommendations from trusted sources is a helpful start, it is not enough. It is important to do comprehensive research on each company that is considered. How long have they been in the business? What services are available and what are their rates? Do they have the proper licensing and certification? What do reviews by previous clientele report, and are there any grievances against them via the Better Business Bureau? It is necessary to specifically verify their accreditation with FIDI as this means they continue to comply with the standards in place for quality service. They will be current on industry procedures and the training required of their English speaking team. These are details that need to be addressed to ensure a reliable and highly professional international moving service is selected.

Choosing a reputable moving company is truly an investment in having the best possible outcome of a major life-changing event. Having experienced professionals handle the “dirty work” will allow individuals and families to arrive in a new country focused on settling down and starting the next chapter in their lives, rather than worrying about dinnerware arriving in pieces.