Where To Begin When Worldwide Movers Are Needed For Assistance

Whether the decision to move internationally is for work, school or family, it means that the search for worldwide movers is going to be at the top of the to-do list. Moving can be stressful even if it is only for a jaunt across town, but an international move takes on a whole new challenge. Working with worldwide movers that are proficient in these moves is the best choice someone can make. Crossing over national borders and across international waters means that there will be a lot more paperwork and documentation that is necessary for a successful transfer. Only a moving company that has years of experience in this field should handle such a job. That company will also be better able at getting the household’s goods to their final destination.

Knowing what someone can take with them and what needs to stay behind is tricky. If a client currently resides in the U.S., it is very likely that the new residence will be significantly smaller. Not only smaller in square footage, but also in doorway openings and hallways. That may mean that the favorite easy chair in the family room may not fit through the doorway of the new place, and it will need to be sold away. Another example is the washer and dryer, as they may be too big for their new space, and the country may have completely different electrical configurations. It may be best to sell that at the yard sale too, rather than paying for it to be packed up and shipped only to be put into storage. Working with experienced worldwide movers can help in determining what items are best left behind, and which ones will be functional at the new residence.

Once that has been determined, it is time to start the search for worldwide movers. With this kind of move, there are some things to look at. A good question to ask when interviewing carriers is how long have they been in business and how many international moves they have done. If household items need to be crated, ask if that is a service they offer. How does the carrier insure the goods in transit and guarantee delivery? Does the carrier offer storage facilities in the new country, and how long can the goods be stored there? In addition, will storage be an extra cost or is that figured into the total move?

Reputable worldwide movers will be able to provide export documentation, clearance at customs and ocean or air freight. There are local companies that will partner up with other van lines to complete the move. Talking with a local representative will answer all of these questions and give the client an idea about the carrier’s reliability. As far as coordinating the move, time is the biggest factor. The more time there is to work with before the move, the better it is for the transport operation. However, companies that are experienced in this type of move can manage it well even in a pinch.