How Is An International Moving Cost Determined?

Just anticipating the words international moving costs can make anyone’s heart race. The thought of packing up one’s belongings and heading across state lines is stressful enough for most people. But to add a few thousand more miles and a large body of water on top of that is enough to make many people panic. This is where the  Johnnie T Melia Moving Company can alleviate much of that stress.

People who live in and around the Houston area have trusted this company and their crew for decades, over four decades in fact. They have become known as the Houston movers that care, and for very good reason. Their crew goes above and beyond in their daily dealings with customers and has confidently partnered with National Van Lines to assist in overseas transfers. JT Melia continues to be an award-winning carrier in both local and long-distance moves.

If an overseas transfer is on the horizon, how will the international moving costs be determined? Much like a national move, international moving costs are calculated by weight, but that is where the similarity ends. That is because moving overseas includes port fees, taxes, custom fees, shipment inspection charges including x-rays, as well as changes to those fees without notification. Many of those changes are a reflection of the international community and their present dealings with the country one is coming from. JT Melia can help anticipate those changes and knows how to deal with them should they arise.

Another item to keep in mind is that each country has its own set of rules. Meaning, they have a list of things that they will not allow across their borders, and this list can change at any time. It is important that the carrier keep up on that and anticipate any additional charges that the customer may incur. The move coordinator assigned to the move will be the liaison between the company and the client and will keep them informed of the process and any hurdles that need crossing.

So what should someone anticipate if they are looking at international moving costs?

First things first, get an estimate. That is going to mean having a representative from the carrier come to the home and look at all the items that will be moved. A company representative will look in all the rooms, cupboards, and closets. They will also need access to any storage if it is in the basement or attic, or in an outbuilding. If any of the items in the garage are going, they need access to that as well. Based upon that information, they will derive an estimate. That can take a few days to get back to the customer due to the overseas charges. Once the customer has that information, they can determine which carrier they want to complete the move, as well as determining if they want to take everything with them. There may be a yard sale in their future rather than moving everything overseas. The weight of the shipment including all of the taxes and additional country charges will be included in the international moving costs estimate.