How Can The Process Of Moving To Baytown Be Effortless?

Baytown is located on the eastern edge of the Houston area, nearly spilling over into Chambers County. Though it is close enough to Houston to enjoy all of the benefits of urban living, the community itself is totally rural, with sprawling pastures and forested patches along its roads. Much of the city borders many small bays, from which the city derives its name. These serene patches of water provide a peaceful backdrop for residents. Though it’s about 20 miles away from downtown Houston, it is still an ideal place to commute from, as the east side of the city is less densely populated, making for less traffic. It’s also a popular place for oil workers and professionals to settle into, given its close proximity to several refineries and executive offices. Whether moving for business or for rural escape, JTMelia can provide the muscle and resources to make the move. Since 1969, JTMelia has moved people in, out and around Houston, providing comprehensive services from start to finish.

Why do people move to Baytown?

Houston is very much an oil city, and nowhere is this more obvious than on the east side. Several major oil companies have offices and refineries in the community, pulling in oil and gas workers from around the country. In fact, ExxonMobil’s business complex, located in the city, is one of the largest industrial campuses in the world. It also houses the country’s largest petroleum refinery, making it a crucial facility for the nation’s infrastructure. Because it is so important, ExxonMobil employs a large number of professionals and experts who live in the surrounding area. Bayer and Chevron Phillips also have major processing facilities in the area, dedicated to petrochemical refining.

Many families also choose to move to the area because it is peaceful and quiet compared to most of the Houston area. The east side is more spread out than other parts of Houston and still retains a rural, country feel that is iconic of Texas. There is plenty of opportunity to roam and enjoy the outdoors, making it a good choice for active families. The city also has a 450 acre nature preserve, where hundreds of species of wildlife live, and a water park for those brutal Texas summers.

How can JTMelia help when moving to Baytown?

They can oversee every part of the moving process, both packing and unpacking at the new home. Along the way, their professionals will ensure everything is stored in containers safely, loaded efficiently, transported quickly and unloaded with care at the new house. Their crew is certified and trained to handle a large variety of moves, and is able to work with special requests and unique items without trouble. It’s this expertise and responsiveness that has made JTMelia Houston’s leading moving service for people in the Houston area and beyond.