What To Expect When Moving To New Caney, Texas

New Caney is a small, rural town about 20 miles away from the edge of Houston. It is located along Interstate 69 and is a perfect little town for people who would rather escape the frenetic pace of the city. It is near several large parks and is in a heavily forested part of the area, perfect for outdoorsmen and hikers. The town also offers a number of reputable schools that encourage families to move to the area. However, given its distance from Houston, it can be hard to find a moving company that works in Houston and is willing to travel so far beyond the city limits. Fortunately, JTMelia can aid a family looking to settle down in this rural town, helping out with every part of the moving process.

Moving Services Provided In New Caney, TX:

What is living in New Caney like?

Some people enjoy the city, and others do not. This town is for people who prefer a slower pace and a neighborly feel to their community. With just over 20,000 people in the town’s area, it is among the smallest Houston suburbs. Some residents don’t consider the town a suburb at all, as it is truly rural. Agricultural workers like farmers represent a significant part of the area’s economy and culture, so it’s an area for hard working people.

It is a great place for people who enjoy the outdoors, especially hikers. Lake Houston is just about five miles away from the town and is large enough to enjoy boating, water skiing or jet skiing. A wilderness park, about 5,000 acres, sits along the northern side of Lake Houston. The park is laced with trails for hikers and also hosts nature activities for children of all ages, making it a sought after community for families.

To the north of the town is Sam Houston National Forest, one of the largest national forests in the U.S. and the largest park in Texas. It is a haven for outdoorsmen and women of all kinds, as it offers hunting, boating, hiking, camping and fishing for people staying in the area.

Why is JTMelia the best choice when moving to New Caney?

Their professionals have been helping people move around the Houston area and beyond since 1969. Certified to handle both residential and commercial moves, JTMelia’s crew can help with packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking and can even help set up furniture in the new home. With the help of these professionals, a family can get settled into their new house. They can also help out with special requests or unique items, like particularly heavy, bulky or fragile items. In the past, they have helped move everything from delicate chandeliers to enormous marble statues, and everything in between.

With this expertise, a family won’t have to worry about the stresses of moving and will be able to immediately settle into their new surroundings.